Did you know you'll spend up to 2 years of your life on virtual foreplay (emails, texting, IMs) before an actual date is set in stone. So why not cut to the chase and find out if there is a possible connection with the eligible men your matchmaker qualifies.

Your matchmaker (with your approval) will set up Insta-Dates every month. Yes... real dates. This is perfect for those adventurous souls out there who are comfortable putting themselves in their matchmaker's hands. He will help facilitate the date, time and place, preferably within 10 miles and in a neutral, public locale, such as a coffee shop or restaurant. Your matchmaker will do all the work. Simply, just show up and get to know someone new.

It’s fun and exciting. You’re seeking a long term companion, after all. Life is too short... Why wait?


• Insta-Dates are optional. Members are not required to participate. If you would like to only be introduced via email or phone, deselect it on your account page.
• To be eligible, both parties must reside within 15 miles of each other. For those open to greater distances, an email, phone or video chat introduction will be provided if your match resides outside of 15 miles.
• Once your matchmaker has greenlit an introduction and provided you his info, including photos, you will have up to 48 hours to inform him on the type of introduction you prefer - email/phone or in-person.
• If a potential candidate prefers an email or phone intro instead of a in-person introduction the match will be provided as a bonus.
• Your matchmaker must receive approval for the date, time, and place from both parties.
• You may suggest a location to meet, but must be approved by your match.
• A courtesy call will be placed to both parties 24 hours prior to your date. Both client and your match must respond to the courtesy call within 12 hours of the date or it will be rescheduled/cancelled or converted to an email/phone intro.
• All dates cancelled by your match are replaced. All dates cancelled by the client are not replaced.
• For the safety of both parties, private locations are not permitted.

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For questions & inquiries contact us or your matchmaker directly.
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