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Say goodbye to dating sites, hook up apps, matchmaking by robots and, more importantly, flighty & flaky men. Say hello to genuine, relationship seekers in your community. Experience a revolutionary system that works exclusively for gay men. Customized and personal attention from real m4m matchmakers. We find them... You date them!

We like to describe Gayquation as a vibrant, eye popping journey of an intersection of fun, men and exploration. A smart risk and an investment in yourself and your love and social life. You can meet a lot of men, if you have the timeā€¦ An appropriate mix is offered to you from all walks of life and creativity, the men we meet range in careers from professors to construction, architecture to electronics, artists to touch therapy, sales to doctors, senior level to lower level positions to fashion and television and many more... We introduce you to guys that are open to the dating and experimentation process and encourage friendship. This improves the chances of a relationship oriented experience. It sends a powerful signal that two men can work with time, passion and familiarity.

As part of your team, we have a vested interest in your personal love life. Whether you are 34 or 64, living in a big city or small town, we will open many doors of possibilities. Experience for yourself the benefit Gayquation will have on your life experience. Why Hire A Matchmaker?

It's never too late!

Maybe you're fed up with the whole dating landscape and hook up scene. Maybe it's hard finding quality, like-minded men. Or maybe you want to try something new, another avenue. We are here to help as your relationship head hunter. Our team of professional matchmakers inspire potential dates to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations, make connections and create the future of male companionship with open arms. We're on your team!

Wherever you are in the world...

Gayquation is now available in over 40 countries! We open doors and connect relationship oriented gay men in every part of the world - from the largest cities to small rural towns. Our team speaks to hundreds of interesting and charming men daily and our goal is put you in front of them all - one introduction at a time.

Due to popular demand, we recently created a city ranking list where the best chance of love exists for gay men. Find out if your city made the cut.
But remember... love can be found anywhere at anytime. While it is true that some must put in more effort than others, click here to learn why location doesn't necassarily matter.





In a coffee shop sharing the same taste of strange blends,
In a restaurant sharing your love of craft beer,
In a park sharing a guilty pleasure, like cheezy 80's music,
Love happens...



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