Gayquation's City Rankings

People always ask us the chances of finding m4m love in one particular city over another. So we decided to come up with a ranking list. We compared cities with population sizes of more than 250,000. Over 100 metro cities were included within North America and Europe. Ratings produced were based on gay male capita, percentage of LTR-seekers, percentage of hookup seekers, percentage of long term relationships, polling/feedback/criteria from over 1000 single gay men, dating app statistics and our own historical averages, including number of clients and introductions per city. Here is what we came up with...

The maximum rating is 1.0. A rating higher than 0.50 indicates above average chance of finding a long term partner, regardless of one's demographics or criteria, along with an above average time/first dates spent (faster comparatively). For example, if a city's rating is twice as much as another, it means we believe there is twice the chance and half the time required to find a long term partner. Regardless of these rankings, #lovehappens anywhere at anytime. These should just be used for comparison.

Updated August 21, 2022. These ratings will continually be updated with new data.

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