Match Guarantee

We've got you covered. Although we can't manufacture men from a warehouse (we wish!), we want our clients to feel comfortable when joining us and feel confident regardless of their location, demographics and/or criteria.


We are very confident in the “Gayquation” and in our qualified and professional matchmakers. As a standard of practice, we want all of our clients to feel comfortable and secure in our matchmaking process, regardless of one's location or criteria set. For this reason we offer the Match Guarantee - if for any reason your matchmaker fails to introduce you to the number of eligible men specific to your membership level, one or two things will occur:

1) Any undelivered matches are rolled-over to the following month (common). For example, if you are a T.G.I.F. member (4 introductions per month) and your matchmaker only delivers you 3 matches in any given month, 1 match is rolled-over and added to your next cycle. During that month you will now be owed a total of 5 matches. Your matchmaker may also instill a more aggressive and customized approach at this point. Learn more here.

2) If the number of total matches owed is more than 3x your monthly membership total, your monthly membership fee is refunded (uncommon). For example, continuing with the example provided above, if 12 matches have been rolled-over during a period of a few months, meaning you are now owed a total of 16 introductions (4 for the current cycle + 12 rolled-over), your membership fee of $89.95 is refunded. Although your monthly fee has been refunded, your account remains active and you are still guaranteed the total number of matches you have paid for up to that point, in this example - 12. Your membership subsequently continues, along with new introductions. Your matchmaker may also recommend to pause your membership until all your matches have been fulfilled. His recommendation will be based on past results, marketplace size and feedback from yourself and potential matches.

In addition, any match that you are previously acquainted with or does not initiate communication is replaced. For example, if you contact a match via email and/or phone and do not receive a response within a reasonable period of time the match is replaced. Non-responses by prospective matches do not count towards your guaranteed total and are replaced by your matchmaker.

IMPORTANT: As you know this is a service and as much as your matchmaker would love the ability to build (in his workshop) your perfect man within one week, he may not be able to accomplish that. He will, however, with experience and a systematic approach, provide quality introductions with like-minded men AND within a reasonable time frame. More often than not the outcome will be successful. That being said, rolling-over of matches is common and may depend on several factors, including your demographics, location and criteria. Your matchmaker will be very upfront and candid with you throughout the entire process. After speaking with you, during your interview, he will provide you his feedback, recommendations and expecations going forward. At any time during the process you may communicate with your matchmaker directly. You are in it together after all. Questions and feedback are always welcomed!

Learn more about the matchmaking process.

For questions & inquiries contact us or your matchmaker directly.
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