Beyond the introduction

Finding it hard sometimes to get to that first date and beyond? It feels like pulling teeth sometimes when trying to pry someone away from their phone or computer. Most connections fizzle within the first week of initial contact, especially in today's online dating world. As matchmakers we can only bring you part of the way - and most of the time just to an introduction. And this is only the start of the marathon. With Momentum your matchmaker will go beyond the point of introduction and help you along with each individual with his personal opinion and advice. Along with establishing a timeline (view sample below) for each intro with highlighted events or moments, your matchmaker will provide unbiased insight on each introduction, while helping to improve and optimize your online/offline communication and dating skills.

Momentum can increase your chances in obtaining that elusive connection and help propel you across the finish line. Your matchmaker will be with you every step of the way.

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