Trust Is What Makes It Work.

We aim to make every part of your experience as simple, fun and as pleasant as possible. Our Matchmakers will personally ensure that you receive our prompt and careful attention at all times. There are no robots here and we do not have a computer system spidering profiles. As part of our matchmaking process, we utilize all available resources and state of the art technology to deliver quality service which focuses on the richness of the experience and includes an ‘executive’ decision-making style based on our clients’ well-being, happiness and overall success.

Unfortunately, there are times when things do not go as planned. If you're inconvenienced as a result, we think it is important that you know exactly what you can expect from us. That's why we created our Gayquation Match Guarantee. These Rights will always be subject to the highest level of privacy and satisfaction for our clients.

Our objective is to deliver a smooth, efficient, customized experience while keeping costs at a low rate. We especially love the challenge and strive to deliver qualified introductions in a reliable and timely manner, allowing our clients to communicate and meet with potential matches month after month. Periodically there are unanticipated disruptions or delays in delivery of the matches that adversely affect our efforts.

As promised and explained in your initial consultation, timelines and deadlines are of high priority. We keep track and monitor all account activity daily. When one falls behind or a concern is brought to your matchmakers attention. We will provide a complimentary personal consultation either through email or phone to discuss your situation and address your concerns. You will then have the opportunity to make any changes necessary to your membership. It is recommended that all clients reconfirm their search criteria and update pictures or profile (if needed) to assist in the matchmaking search to ensure the best possible chance to find a compatible match.

In the event that potential matches are not found within the subscribed month, your Gayquation Matchmaker will prioritize the unfulfilled matches on the first available opportunity. Matches that are delayed are moved up the matchmakers assigned client roster to receive priority handling and may be assisted by an additional matchmaker to fulfill the guaranteed matches ASAP. In keeping with the spirit and intent of our Guarantee and as evidence of our wish to continually meet the expectations of our valued Clients, Gayquation wants you to have a basic understanding of how we operate. We want you to have confidence in our matchmaking service and Employees. Foremost, we want you to know that it is never our wish to inconvenience our valued Clients. It is a privilege to serve your personal and relationship needs.

If we truly believe we have done everything within our power to find a compatible match and are not able to do so, two things will occur: Your balance of introductions are rolled-over to the following month and your billng/payments will be paused until your introductions have been fulfilled. Your matchmaking team will continue to saturate your area of LTR-seekers for how ever long the process may take, regardless when your billing was potentially paused.. You are always in the driver seat and the ultimate decision is yours.

Our commitment to quality sometimes demands that we bite the bullet and make the tough decisions, with the last resort being, canceling a membership and issuing a refund. In the end, though, your happiness, trust and satisfaction is our main goal. We know that it’s our reputation for providing our clients with the best service in our industry that sets the standards.

Our methodology and client centric approach is unprecedented and unique. Whether your goal is marriage or an exclusive relationship, our service takes you beyond simply meeting new people. Gayquation’s sole purpose is to introduce you to a sufficient number of professionally pre-screened and qualified Gay or bi men who are more likely to be suitable matches according to your preferences. We do not believe that this is an area where you would want or expect us to compromise—for any reason.

Our insightful expert matchmakers are making positive contributions to people’s lives every day. This is something we take very seriously and have great pride in delivering. We hope that your past disappointments would not prevent you from experiencing the joy of dating and finding a true match at Gayquation. Our matchmakers place an emphasis on quality not quantity, and our approach is a personal one. With candid- honest feedback and hand selection, if they do not have a good potential match for you, they would prefer not to make one at all. You also have the right to pass on any match that you do not feel is appropriate.

Lastly, we would like you to know, we listen to you and fully respect your wishes. We take an avid interest in learning your desires, goals and what motivates you. Your experiences are unique to the Gay, Bi and M4M communities. This is our niche and assisting in creating introductions and connections that lead to friendships and long lasting relationships is what keeps you coming back to us month after month. So take a look at our process below and keep in mind we always have your best interest at heart and you are in good hands. We are all human after all. =)

Also, read our Dating Safe page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow—this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.