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Say goodbye to Grindr

Say goodbye to hookup apps, dating sites, matchmaking by robots, blind dating services and, more importantly, flighty & flaky men. Say hello to genuine, relationship-seeking men in your community. Say hello to your own personal matchmaker. Say hello to Gayquation.

1-on-1 Attention

We provide a high level of personalized concierge style service. Our matchmakers work tirelessly one-on-one with each of our clients to find men custom tailored to what they are looking for. Your matchmaker and his team will offer you a relaxed, fun and exciting way to get introduced and meet many eligible men. So while you are busy excelling in your profession, we will be busy searching and personally screening ideal candidates for you, giving you the time back to do everything you want and focus on your daily responsibilities and enjoyments.

The Gayquotient™

Our interviews and observations work for you. They reveal the quirks that are exclusive to guys and the varying traits that separate straight men from gay men. Our team excels at discovery skills and are not bashful in discussing topics that are specific to gay men. We ask direct questions and give personal recommendations based on your demographics and criteria. The assessment process puts into framework a character analysis which delves deeply into personalities and lifestyles while understanding your needs and market size.

An Equation for Gay Men

We present you qualified and pre-screened men. Each match is hand selected with the use of strong intuition, experience and knowledge of m4m-specific relationships. We find our candid, personable yet straight forward approach to be proven many times over. Gayquation is a balanced combination of traditional and progressive matchmaking in the new age of technology and dating. We are also aware of and follow the trends that affect the gay community and apply this knowledge to our matchmaking style and coaching.


Optimize Your Dating Life

Experience a dating system designed exclusively for gay men. Conventional methods don't seem to work for LTR seekers in this exploding app age and the hookup scene being so prevalent in our community. Thus Gayquation was born! We are the world's leading gay matchmaking service, with a unique focus on m4m chemistry and statistics that equal real results.

Unlike dating sites there are no robots employed here. All the work is done by your very own matchmaking team with whom you have direct contact with throughout the entire process - including an in-depth phone interview. We also don't charge exorbitant fees, contracts or blind dating like over 90% of agencies.

Gayquation provides guaranteed introductions, regardless of your demographics, location or criteria. As part of your team, we'll dramatically increase your chances, up to 10x, of finding your ONE AND ONLY.

How We Can Help...

  • Matchmaking

    We are here to help you as your relationship headhunter. Experience real matchmakers who will provide you 1-on-1 attention, specialized in matchmaking gay men. Gayquation makes it easy - we do all the work. We find the men who want to meet you and fit what you're looking for. Up to 4 introductions per month! Learn More

  • Coaching

    Gayquation is pleased to offer personal coaching. This will be especially useful for gay men who are willing to honestly confront their current dating/relationship challenges and potentials. Along with setting up quality introductions, your matchmaker will support you on your journey and help you attract successful relationships into your life and create meaningful connections. Learn More

  • Momentum

    Enhance your matchmaking membership with an added personalized service that helps clients beyond the introduction phase. With professional guidance from your matchmaker, propel past the early stages of communication and into the courtship phase. Keep track of your dating progress and make changes to increase your chances of establishing and enhancing connections. Learn More

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It's never too late!

Maybe you're fed up with the hookup scene. Maybe it's hard finding quality men. Or maybe you want to try something new. Whatever the reason, we're on your team! Love can happen anywhere...

  • In a coffee shop sharing the same taste of strange blends.
  • In a restaurant sharing your love of craft beer.
  • In a park sharing a guilty pleasure, like cheezy 80's music.

Our Recent Matches

Here are our latest client introductions with LTR-seeking men from all over the world.
We are proud to have made over 300,000 introductions and counting. Learn More

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Included in all our memberships...

We are very confident in the “Gayquation” and our qualified and professional matchmakers. But we want all of our clients to feel comfortable and secure in our matchmaking process, regardless of one's demographics, location or criteria. For this reason we offer the Match Guarantee. Learn More

The days of vetting every one you meet on the internet are over. With GQProtect, included in your service, your matchmaker will perform a background check on every prospective match to verify identity and insure your privacy, security and safety. Learn More

Receive real time data and recommendations with Optima. Your matchmaking team will assess your short and long term outlook in finding and qualifying matches that meet your criteria and customize his approach, based on new and past results. Learn More

Boost identifies the challenges you may have faced in the dating world, based on your demographics, location or criteria. By identifying these variables early on, your matchmaker can tailor a "plan of attack" that increases the chances of introducing you to men that meet all your criteria. Learn More

Busy schedule? Out of town? As part of your Insta-dates, your matchmaker can convert your first face-to-face meeting to an online date. Why wait? Grab a cup of coffee or perhaps a cocktail and let's get you both connected right away. Learn More

Our bonus service Passport is included for those open to a long distance relationship or looking to relocate. Passport helps increase the chances of this type of relationship by connecting you to your match immediately via phone, FaceTime or Skype. Learn More

Our Pricing Plans

Join us and be assigned a matchmaking team, along with up to 4 introductions/month.
No Contracts. Cancel Anytime. Monthly to 6 Month Packages.
Want to speak with a matchmaker before joining? Click here

3's A Crowd

$ 999 $1499
$ 249 /Month
2 matches/month


$ 1599 $2399
$ 399 /Month
4 matches/month

Complete Package

$ 1999 $2999
$ 499 /Month
2 matches + Coaching + Momentum
  • Everything 3's A Crowd plus...
  • Optimized for both inside and outside GQ with Coaching & Momentum

Complete Package

$ 2799 $4199
$ 699 /Month
4 matches + Coaching + Momentum
  • Everything T.G.I.F. plus...
  • Optimized for both inside and outside GQ with Coaching & Momentum

What Our Clients Say...

Hear from some of our valued recent and past clients.

Ben L.
Cambridge, MA

I am happy to have found these guys. 2020 was a forgettable in so many ways. Vaxxed, it's summer and able to travel. I am sure, like most, we are all busy socializing to catch up for lost time. At my age, a ripe 62, a little assistance goes a long way and it has. Along the way, made a new friend with whom I'll visit the Cape with this summer. In the meantime, crossing fingers on a friend AND lover. I appreciate the support and understanding.

Larry M.
New York, NY

If you've been on and off dating websites for years because your friends are in relationships and hardly go out anymore or you're new in town... that was me in a nutshell! Thank you to Nick and the team for making me feel welcome and (nudging) getting me back on that horse. I met a great friend who has since become my travel companion. We just returned from a Caribbean cruise. Although friends are invaluable, I am hoping my future hubby (and Netflix binge companion) will turn around that corner any day now. Thanks a heep...!

Tony G.
Phoenix, AZ

I am a newly out gay man, 42 y/o, 1 child, divorced, living in Phoenix. The coaching I received was a God sent. The last time I was single was AOL chats (remember those?) and I had to not only rediscover dating but dating in 2018. It is very different to say the least. My coach/matchmaker did a great job in getting myself back on that horse and figuring out what I want - as a gay man. My first pride month too! Wish me luck.

Gordon M.
Tampa Bay, FL

A quick thank you to my coach and matchmaker Nicholas P. - who has been a tremendous on my personal life, including outside Gayquation. He is attentive, honest (sometimes too honest), and above all else a hard worker. I did happen to find a partner while using his services but he was a big reason in finding him. His advice is invaluable and will still keep the coaching service as it's nice to talk to someone, especially early in a relationship and after 10 years of being in one. Xoxo Gordon.

Louis C.
Hong Kong, HK

Greetings from Hong Kong! I hired a matchmaker just before joining gayquation and was charged (you don't want to know) an exorbitant amount. Gayquation on the contrary is quite reasonable. My matchmaker spoke to me for 1 1/2 hours via Skype. People expect so much from service that are supposed to deliver you men? Haha I am realistic and was pleasantly surprised. It is not easy being out as a Chinese man, even here in more liberalized HK, let alone finding Caucasian men open to dating me. Thank you for the hope.

Laval B.
Chicago, IL

Almost honest to a fault Gayquation does spell out its entire process on their website, which I am appreciative of. It's probably the most thorough and detailed site I've seen and I've seen many. Please note if you're looking for a traditional matchmaking agency, they are not that but effective. They do not only match you to other clients within their network but also, as they put it, head hunt in as many as 100 resources. I would rather gladly put myself in their hands then have to go out there in the Internet ether with little to no results.

Zach B.
Scottsdale, AZ

The Kayak of matchmaking - that is the best way I can describe when friends ask me to. If not sure, start with 2 intros and work your way up to get a grasp of the process and type of guys you will be presented. A senior matchmaker is assigned if you elect for 4 per month. Happy to know there are no contracts. When you see is what you pay with the match guarantee which helps those who "picky" like me and live in a non-metro area. My phone interview, which lasted over an hour, was also very thorough.

Trust is what makes it work.

We aim to make every part of your experience as simple, fun and as pleasant as possible. Our Matchmakers will personally ensure that you receive our prompt and careful attention at all times. There are no robots here and we do not have a computer system spidering profiles. As part of our matchmaking process, we utilize all available resources and state of the art technology to deliver quality service which focuses on the richness of the experience and includes an ‘executive’ decision making style based on our clients’ well being, happiness and overall success.


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