How Does Gayquation Work?

Your personal matchmaker will do all intensive work of locating, screening, communicating with and qualifying prospective matches on your behalf.
We know how difficult it can be to find genuine LTR seeking men, so if they exist, WE WILL FIND THEM!

Step 1: Select Your Membership Level

How many introductions would you like per month? You have a choice between 2 and 4. Every match is guaranteed with our Match Guarantee - regardless of your location, demographics and/or criteria.

Step 2: Complete Online Questionnaire

Let’s get an idea of what you’re looking for. It will include laws of attraction qualities, like distance, physicality, lifestyle traits, etc. Your information and answers are kept confidential and only viewed by your personal matchmaker.

Step 3: Assignment to Matchmaker

Within 24 hours after your complete the questionnaire, we make your first introduction – to your matchmaker - with whom you have direct communication with from hereon. Ok, he's not a masked superhero but he does have a noble mission. ;)

Step 4: Phone Interview

It’s time for you and your matchmaker to get to know each other as part of your Gayquotient. The interview is approximately 1 hour. This is your opportunity to define deal breakers and negotiable traits. You will also be able to ask questions and your matchmaker will give you his unfiltered assessment at the end of the call.

Step 5: Matchmaker Begins His Search

Your matchmaker will venture inside and outside Gayquation to find and communicate with eligible bachelors within your desired radius. Every match will have met all your deal breakers and express interest in connecting with you. He may also be open to an in-person introduction. A potential candidate may “die on the vine” at many points of the process. For example, your matchmaker may reject someone if he feels the match is not genuinely seeking a relationship or predicts a slim to no chance at a long term connection. Your matchmaker will also perform a background check to validate his authenticity.

Learn more about the Target and Touch part of the process.

Step 6: Introduction Is Made

Once your matchmaker green lights a match, he will package and send you all his information directly via email. You will then get an opportunity to review his info and inform your matchmaker whether you would like to be introduced via email, phone or in person via an Insta-Date.

If you select email or phone, you will reach out to your match from here and go at your desired pace.
If you select an Insta-Date, your matchmaker will now become your “Date Butler” and help facilitate a meeting, including time and place. Learn more here.

Step 7: Two-Way Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of the process. It will help narrow our blinders and improve match quality going forward. Your matchmaker may also give recommendations in order to widen the potential market and improve the odds. You will receive a market and progress report every month. Along with your match’s info, you will receive some metrics, including your current Forecast and Probability of Connection (POC).

Step 8: Until We Hit The Jackpot!

Your matchmaker continues his search, even as you correspond with other matches. He won’t stop until you say so.

We realize our clients give us a tremendous amount of blind faith and trust during this process, so in return we work diligently to find sincere men who, like yourself, are searching for Mr. Right. Perhaps that Mr. Right will be you... and perhaps you'll be his. So what are we waiting for? Let's go find him!

Included in every membership...

Guarantee      Protect     Forecast     Boost     Passport

Learn more about where we find potential matches.

Also, view our Help/FAQ page and request a consultation.