What's Your Gayquotient?

Every Gay Man Was Not Created Equally

Let's face it: The gay community is quite polarized. Due to social stigmas, family pressure, and the all-in-all slow process of acceptance of the gay culture as whole, gay men find themselves in varying emotional and philosophical points in their life. From ashamed, closeted married men to extroverted, parade dancing "queens", gay men, rightfully so, are a wide array of colors, as the flag suggests. Unlike straight men, this separation is quite profound between many points of the spectrum.

A glaring reason for failed m4m relationships is this separation. And why it is statistically more difficult for a gay man to find true love than a heterosexual male. See

Seeking someone of the same sex might sound like a plus on paper, “we are the same after all”. Even straight men make the joke often how life would be easier if they were just married to another man. There is a problem though. Regardless of sexual orientation, all men, and we mean ALL MEN, are ingrained and structured the same. We as a whole have been accused of being impatient, insensitive, direct, simple, immature, unromantic, one-track thinkers etc. Like two magnets with opposite charges attracted to each other, the like charges repel. Why? Simple, because of those similarities we discussed above.

This is not to say that gay men are not destined to be in long term relationships. In fact, gay men stand a better chance than a straight man in making it last the distance once in a monogamous relationship. The problem lies in the early stages of connections. Gay men just simply have a much more difficult time than a straight man in finding long term success.

The founder of Gayquation realized that personality, physical traits and timing, while important with all sexual orientations, are less important to the relationship longevity of gay men as they take a smaller piece of the pie, so to speak, when having to consider gay specific factors, Factors that are critical to movement beyond the "courtship" phase for two gay men. Partners who, for example, shared the same sense of humor or similar activities played a lesser role in long term success where it may have paid bigger dividends with a heterosexual couple. Successful gay relationships were predicated on the inclusion and magnification of gay specific factors. We found success in highlighting and weighting specific characteristics - necessary for m4m success, while shadowing others. This is where conventional matchmaking and dating sites fail, as they don't take into account factors that are specific to a gay man - "out" status, sexual role and proclivities, the feminine-masculine spectrum, children, HIV status... among others.

So The Gayquotient™ Was Born...

Gayquotient answers the provocative questions: "Are you a top or bottom or neither?","Are you in or out of the closet?", “Where do you fit in the gay culture and community?", or hey, maybe you don’t. Essentially, where you are currently as a gay man on life's spectrum. It provides a similarity among gay men that proves to solve the two-men-think-alike conundrum.

Your personal Gayquotient will be determined by your matchmaker, after a thorough examination of your profile, external web profiles, and, most importantly, a candid discussion during the interview phase. This will take place, via phone call or Skype, after officially being assigned to a matchmaker. It will be strictly confidential as your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Please be aware that personal questions will be asked during the interview. Although you are not required to answer any question - any misleading, incorrect or unanswered questions may result in an incorrect or incomplete assessment, with an increase likelihood of incompatible matches. Just like that famous movie quote - "Help me, help you.". We are on your side and dedicated to succeed as part of your team.

This factor is integral in the Gayquaton, as it is heavily weighed. If a match does not compare relatively favorably to yours the match is unlikely to be qualified.

Discarding the old rules of matchmaking, Gayquation challenged the status quo and developed a set of working hypotheses of the m4m culture with a goal to connect quality men and create loving relationships that competes with time.

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