Get a boost! Live in a rural area with a scarce gay community? Think you're picky with a lot of deal breakers? Is there a big age gap with those you're attracted to? We realize that certain demographics, location or criteria pose a challenge to gay men so we optimize your chances with Boost.

Boosting Your Chances

Let’s be honest all gay men were not created equally. We come in all shapes and sizes, from city slickers to country boys, from different ethnic backgrounds - all with varying needs and wants. The LTR-seeking gay man is in the minority of an already-existing minority. When we tack on added challenges, for example, living in a rural part of the country, getting older, having or wanting children it makes the path seem a little more daunting. The truth is – it can be more challenging from a statistical standpoint.

Let’s do the math for example. If someone identifies as being exclusively a bottom he possibly eliminates up to 70% of the potential LTR-seeking market in his area. If someone lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas it doesn’t mean he should move to New York City but he lives in Fayetteville! And although it’s a lovely part of the U.S. the numbers, or lack thereof, pose a greater challenge.

Now, this does not mean someone who identifies as a bottom needs to convert or adapt to being a top, nor does it mean he needs to move to the Big Apple. It does mean he has to be more aggressive, tap into more resources, communicate with more potentials at a higher frequency, perhaps open up a parameter or two, like widen radius. Essentially, optimizing variables in order to improve the chances of finding other like-minded men that meet his criteria and vice versa.

With Boost, we identify your biggest obstacles and tailor a plan to help marginalize them. See the chart below.

What we do to minimize the challenge
+ maximize success rate...

Along with the Optima (your dedicated market report), we identify the challenges you have faced or possibly will face (like the ones above) and counter those challenges with a road map from Day 1. We are with you every step of the way. Our knowledge is yours!

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