Perfect for those open to meeting someone more than 250 miles away or looking to relocate. Our new service called Passport helps increase the chances of a potential long-distance relationship by connecting you to your match immediately via a video date.

Supporting Long-Distance Relationships

Did you know that only 15% of single people are open to a long distance relationship? Rightfully so, as proximity is a law of attraction. And even those that do materialize are facing lesser chances for long term success than two individuals that live in the same area. But let's face it - we are gay and LTR-seeking - which means we represent less than 1% of the population. Thus the greater the radius, the greater the market. So while we do encourage our clients to expand their reach, we are also aware of its challenges. That is why Gayquation is providing an extra service called Passport to help increase your chances with those we match you to that live far away.

Your matchmaker will arrange for you and your match to connect via video chat through Zoom, Facetime, Skype or Whatsapp within 72 hours of your introduction. Essentially he will help get the ball rolling.

Along with qualifying a match based on your criteria and setting up the introduction, your assigned matchmaker will:

1) Obtain and verify the match's contact info
2) Arrange dates and timeframes that you may contact him
3) Arrange for a 3-way call with your matchmaker (optional)
4) Follow up with match if communication is not made within 48 hours
5) Reschedule calls, if required

Please note that is service is only provided for clients that are open to meeting someone 250 miles or more from the area they reside. Your matchmaker will discuss this with you during the interview portion of the process.

If you have questions regarding this new feature, please contact your matchmaker directly or email us at:

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