Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us or request a consultation if your question is not answered here.

How It Works

Do you charge for a consultation to become a member?
No, we do not charge a fee. It is 100% complimentary with no obligation to join. In fact, we do recommend scheduling one as you will speak to a Senior Matchmaker who, along with answering your questions and addressing any concerns, will give you an honest assessment based on your demographics, location and criteria. Schedule a consultation. A senior matchmaker will reach out to you within 24 hours of requesting it.

How does Gayquation work?
Gayquation is your personal date butler. You're busy, we're not. Our job is to search out and introduce you to great guys! So sit back while we do all the physical and emotional-draining work of finding you a date... and maybe even someone special. We do everything, but the goodnight kiss. Gayquation is not an out dated or automated matchmaking service. No robots or spiders used. Our real life, human Matchmakers are industry professionals who open many doors to many possibilities. We are also, not a personals site. We don't have you browse through profiles or send ice-breaking emails. Our Matchmakers talk to many men all day, on your behalf. No scrolling through ads, no sifting through emails. It is easy to use and fun! Simply Signup, be assigned a matchmaker and be on your first date in as little as 7 days.

What is the Gayquotient?
Gayquotient answers the provocative questions: “Where in the spectrum of life are you as a gay man?” and “Where do you fit in the gay culture and community?". or hey, maybe you don’t. It provides a similarity among gay men that proves to solve the two-men-think-alike conundrum. Click here for more.

How long does it take to get matched?
On average, your first match will be provided within 7 to 10 days following your interview. If you are a 3’s A Crowd (2 matches per month) you can expect a match no longer than every 2 weeks. You may receive a match in 1 day, sometimes it might take a little longer as we are searching inside and outside our database for the best possible match(es). A lot depends on the criteria you seek and the type of relationship. Those seeking romance demand a narrower search, thus might take longer. However, we Guarantee results every 30 days and as long as your membership is active. If any matches remain they are simply rolled over to the following month. You never lose any introductions you pay for. See our guarantee here.

What do I need to do to get started?
Simply visit us our signup page, select your membership and complete your billing info. Your account will be activated shortly thereafter. An official assignment to a matchmaker is made within 48 hours. Afterwhich an interview and assessment will be scheduled via phone/Skype. Your photos will be provided directly to your matchmaker, along with several other steps that will be emailed to you directly.

What is an Insta-Date?
Insta-Date is an optional free feature for Gayquation members. Why wait for the back and forth foreplay of emails, texts and IMs. Have your Matchmaker set up dates with eligible men he finds and qualifies. Your Matchmaker will prearrange the date, coordinate the time and place of your meeting with the potential match. It’s fun and exciting. All you have to do is approve the arrangements and location and show up. Consider your Matchmaker as a date butler! Learn more here.

Can you find men in any part of the world?
Gayquation cators to men in every corner of the world, from the largest metro cities to the smallest towns and suburbs. 200+ cities in 40+ countries.

Do you only find qualified men within my area or city?
No, there are no limitations. We always tailor our search to your specified needs. It is dependent on how far you are willing to travel to meet that special guy or maybe you have multiple locations that you visit frequently for pleasure or business. We can search in the areas that you are open to visiting or possibly relocating to, or maybe the potential match is open to relocating. Be it a large metropolitan city or internationally. We have men all across the world waiting to meet you. The internet allows us to search in small rural areas or the countryside to the suburbs. You tell us your desired radius and we will take care of the rest. The average radius our clients select is 100 miles. Obviously, the wider the better as it provides a larger market size and potential. Your lead matchmaker will give a recommendation based on your demo, location and/or criteria during your phone interview and assessment.

Where do you locate matches?
Up to 20% of the time you will be matched to other members. The other 80% to 85% will consist of non-members within our network and outside of Gayquation. Each matchmaker utilizes numerous different resources to find and qualify each match. Learn more here. He will qualify eligible men via phone call, text, email and/or an internal message system provided by the resource. It is imperative that your lead matchmaker speak with every screened and potential match directly. They must also pass our background check before being qualified.

Do you utilize robots or spiders at any point during the matchmaking process?
No robots or spiders are used at all. We are not like the other sites who use automated software to process and search out your requests. All of our matchmakers and staff are real human beings who search the whole of the internet to find potential matches that will suite what you are looking for and cater to your preferences.

Why do you communicate with potential matches?
We need to make sure they are a good fit for you. After screening for potential matches, we then reach out to those that fit what you are looking for and vet them as a long-term relationship seeker. During the conversation, we fill in the lines, so to speak, to make sure your “deal-breaking/ non-negotiable” qualities have been met; your lifestyles mesh; they do not formulate a negative impression of you because you have hired a Matchmaker. Our expert Matchmakers make sure their perception of you is in high regard, as well as our reputation in good standing. They have access to our site and we are very transparent in our search process and never misrepresent who we are. We also request their permission to release their contact information to you to make an introduction. Every qualified match must also pass our background check.

How do you communicate with potential matches?
We communicate with potential matches based on the resource that is used by your Matchmaker and the communication methods offered. For example, if matches are screened/qualified via a social media site, perhaps only email will be your Matchmaker’s means of communication. If a dating or personal site, he may utilize an internal messaging system and/or instant messaging. Conversations may also be conducted via a phone or Skype call. Real-time interaction, i.e. IM or call, is our preference as it not only makes the qualification process more fluid and efficient, it also provide us more genuine feedback from potential matches.

Do I get to see one's photos beforehand?
Before an introduction has been made official, your lead matchmaker will present you a potential match via email, along with his photos. If you agree to the intro, your matchmaker will convert him to an official introduction and send you all his information shortly thereafter. If you decline, it does not count as an introduction.

How many matchmakers will I be assigned?
You are assigned a minimum of 2 matchmakers, up to 3, based on one's demographics, location and/or criteria. You will be assigned a matchmaking team shortly after signing up and completing our online questionnaire.

What kind of men use your service? Are they successful professional males and looking for someone who is the same?
We have men from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. Professional, goal oriented men from metropolitan cities to small town USA to International sensations. All are welcome. You would be surprised of the diversity of our clientele base. Our last three members were: a Fortune 500 CFO, an upstanding professor at a well-known university, and an owner of a vineyard. We have noticed one universal truth: regardless of one’s cultural, economic, or social background, most single, gay men seek a successful, monogamous and long-term companionship and true partner to share their life with. Our specialty is opening many doors and presenting many possibilities. The rest is up to you and nature.

When is an introduction considered to be complete?
Gayquation considers an introduction complete when you have been given the contact information of your potential match and you have communicated with him by phone, text or email and established contact and received a response. We use the honor system and also communicate directly with the matches to gain their feedback of the experience as well to verify status of the match. If for some reason, communication does not commence, we will replace the match. Please see our Guarantee for more details.

Can a match be replaced if one is not to my liking? If and when are matches replaced?
Match are replaced when...
1) You reach out to the match and communication does not commence within a reasonable timeframe
2) You are previously acquainted with this match outide of Gayquation (online or offline)
3) Your match misrepresented himself or has been deemed fraudulent
4) Critical criteria (“a deal breaker”) that was discussed with your matchmaker was not met

Matches are not replaced when...
1) You elect not to reach out to the match (see below) 2) If communication does not commence because you did not initiate contact within a reasonable timeframe (up to 7 days) after receiving your match's information

Do keep in mind that although we are non-traditional matchmakers in some regard, we are also traditional in one BIG respect – in that "You Are In Our Hands". With your best interest at heart, your matchmaker locates, screens and qualifies prospective matches that he feels is a good fit for you – a substantial amount of work involved. Essentially, he will put his stamp of approval on every match and introduction - a high recommendation. If a match is not to your liking, regardless the reason (physical, personal or otherwise), it is imperative you reach out to your matchmaker and provide detailed feedback so he will take those into consideration on future screenings. We’re in it together after all. It is a process as well so at any time you may open up or narrow your parameters – you are the Captain of this ship and as your Co-Captain we will give you recommendations on where to steer it.

How is feedback on my matches used in your process?
We value your likes, dislikes and quirky things that make you, well you. Your feedback is welcomed and will allow our Matchmakers to tailor and refine our search to your preferences giving you the best shot at finding companionship. With you and your matchmaker's honest feedback and communication, we can customize and optimize our process going forward.

For 6 month packages, how many matches shall I expect to receive per month?
With those that sign up for our 12 or 24 match packages, our goal will be to achieve your intros within 6 months with an average of 2 per month. I.e. You may receive 5 in one month and 2 the next. Once your 12 or 24 introductions have been fulfilled, you may reactivate and extend for another 6 months. Any matches that remain after 6 months roll-over until they have been fulfilled.

What happens if you are unable to find me a match?
We have a very good success rate in finding and qualifying matches. But our eligible bachelors are not Amazon products, after all and, as you can imagine, matching comes with lots of variables - i.e. market size, your criteria, location, demographics, etc.. That being said, we do want our clients to feel comfortable with the service and process so we have instilled our Gayquation guarantee. If we do not provide you your guaranteed matches every month, we will roll them over to the following month (like a bank balance). View more of our guarantee here.

Are your potential matches screened?
Your matchmaker will use tools to background check every potential candidate. Learn more here. We require that all members are over the age of 18 with a valid e-mail to join or be matched. There is no way to do a formal background check on every member or potential match who joins or participates. We at Gayquation expect you to understand that we cannot take responsibility for any pain, damage or suffering arising from your use of this site or any introduction made. Please use your common sense and be careful about giving out personal information to people you meet on our site or anywhere online. If a harassing situation arises, please contact our administration immediately or the local authorities. So we can take further steps in tracing and banning this member or potential candidate from our site. Honestly, situations like this do not usually occur and we are very strict. We have a No Tolerance Policy for these instances. View our Trust & Safety page.

What criteria do you seek in a potential match?
Potential matches must meet 100% of your deal breakers. First and foremost, the match must desire the same type of relationship you do. If not, he is disqualified. If they do and meet at l00% of your non-negotiable traits, we qualify the candidate and send his information to our member. If we are on the fence, we will contact our client directly to get their opinion and determine if he is a good fit or not. Remember: we are here to work for you.

How do clients get matched up?
It’s a careful, thoughtful and time consuming process because our goal is to find someone who’s not a good match, but a great match for you. We want to bring you together for friendship and love and that means we want you to connect on all levels: Attraction, Goals, Values, Passions, and Compatibility. Because we recruit for you and meet and vet different types of men with varying personalities all the time, it’s a very calculated and rigorous process.
Keep in mind we will, like any matchaking agency, saturate our pool at some point. But we won't sit around and wait for a new member to join that may or not meet what you're looking for and vice versa. Thus much of our efforts are in the headhunting phase - literally turning over stones from scratch. Learn more here.

What should I do to ensure I have a successful experience?
The following recommendations will ensure you have a great experience on Gayquation:
- Make sure you answer your Matchmaker’s questions very honestly, so he can make a correct assessment.
- Provide desired but realistic traits for your ideal match, not too narrow or too broad.
- Complete your profile as thoroughly as possible so that your matches know you are serious about finding a match.
- Upload as many photos as you can to show your many different sides. Recent photos and ones that show you having fun are proven to be more effective.
- Keep an open mind, you never know who will be walking through that door we open. There are so many possibilities and varieties of men who may be a great match for you.
- Communicate, communicate, communicate. Reach out and respond timely and honestly to your matches.

Do my matches see all my information? Is my real name used?
No potential matches are able to view your entire profile. The information collected and disclosed during the interview is only viewed by your Matchmaker and is 100% Confidential. The only information that is disclosed is what your Matchmaker describes of you. Your Matchmaker uses professional discretion in the information he unveils and only what is relevant to the match. However, none of your profile information will be made public without your prior consent. Depending on your photo sharing preferences, your picture may or may not be shown to potential matches. For your security, matches do not ever see your full last name and specific personal or financial information. Your first name and city are the only identifying factors used, until we verify they meet your criteria and are open to an introduction. We do not give out your email address or contact information for your protection. However, when you decide to initiate contact to the person your email address may be visible to the match or you may disclose this yourself.

Do you provide the potential match any information on my net worth or finances?
We NEVER disclose your Financial Information or Net worth. We value your confidence in us and take very stringent measures to protect your privacy and personal information disclosed. Please see our Privacy policy for more information.

Who views my information?
All of your profile information is stored securely on our servers and is managed exclusively by the Gayquation tech team. We encrypt all key pieces of information, so absolutely no one can access it or use it in any way. For your security, we do not store our subscribing members’ credit card information at any time.

I am in the "closet" to certain circles and discretion is very important to me. How do you handle this?
We only search on GLBT sites and Gay or M4M oriented places to speak with gentleman who are Gay or Bisexual. Your private circles or family need not know your love life or social activities.

Discretion is of paramount importance at Gayquation which means each step of the process is handled delicately and with the utmost confidentiality. Unlike some matchmaking services you may have come across previously… We do not share profiles or photographs online on our site or display them for all to see in a portfolio as we feel this is an invasion of privacy and very old fashioned. Information and details of the introductions are shared solely between the individuals we qualify as potential matches and always with consent and professional discretion.

Once we have gained permission from the potential match to see and learn more about you. Your photograph and additional details are released to that individual. The person has been directed to our website and are bound by our Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy once chosen and permission is granted for the introduction.

What do you do with my data? Ensuring Safety, Privacy and Trust.
We do nothing with your data other than store it to ensure we get the best possible matches for you. We will never sell, share, or provide your information to any other business, entity or person. Safety, Privacy and Trust. No one wants to meet a perfect stranger. Your Matchmaker has spoken with and vetted the chosen match, but please keep in mind standard safety requirements. As part of the normal operation of our services we collect and, in some cases, may disclose information about you.

Our primary goal in collecting personal information is to provide you with a smooth, efficient, and uniquely selective experience. This allows us to provide services and features that most likely meet your needs and to customize our service to make your experience easier. Your profile may be available for other Gayquation Matchmakers to view and cross reference for matching within our system only. Profiles include a description and photos, likes and dislikes, individual essays/answers and other information helpful in determining matches. We do not sell your email address nor do we make it available to any third party other than as outlined in more detail in our Privacy Policy.

Gayquation makes reasonable efforts to use industry standard practices to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal identifiable information. Gayquation treats data as an asset that must be protected against loss and unauthorized access. We employ many different security techniques to protect such data from unauthorized access by members inside and outside the company. However, "perfect security" does not exist on the Internet. View our Trust & Safety page.

I’m new to online dating… Do you have any tips for online dating safety?
Tips on Online Dating Safety:

-Don't post personal information. Wait until you feel comfortable with an individual before telling them things like your phone number or place of work or address.
-Never give out your bank account details or any other financial information. If you are approached by any member or person that is suspect or sets off red flags, then report them immediately (either to local authorities or our administration if it is via our site).
-Don't let anyone pressure you into giving away more information than you want to.
-Beware of solicitation - watch out for anyone offering financial advice or asking for charitable contributions.
-Even if you're arranging to meet someone, do not give out any unnecessary personal details such as your home address. You may want to consider using your own form of transportation to and from the meeting.
-If you feel unsure or threatened by someone's behavior, stop contact with them immediately. Visit their profiles and use the block button to prevent any further contact.
-Take the danger and the doubt out of online dating or in person meetings - be safe be smart we have your safety at heart.

For more, please also view our Dating Safe page.

How long will it take for me to find my "one"?
Let's be honest... we are not psychics. We wish we were. Our formula is based on opening many doors for you and allowing you to explore many possibilities. If one closes, another will open. The funny thing about attraction and chemistry is that we can't will it to appear. But we can set ourselves up to take full advantage, when “Mr. Right… or Mr. Right Now” finally stumbles into our lives.

We do our best in finding ones that have the best chance of success. Some will not work out and we are pretty sure of that, it’s a part of life. Our goal is to improve your chances of finding exactly what you're looking for. The reality is, at the end of the day, it is between you and your match to make it work and establish a connection. Obviously, casual relationships are often easier to match than long term. Long term seekers must exercise some patience and try not jump into anything too soon. Simply, take the time and get to know each match. In time, you will find the right man or right men for what you seek. And remember, another match is waiting for you in your email box. Sit back and enjoy the ride and soon you will share that special spark with someone worthy of YOU!

Do you match me with other Gayquation clients?
Yes, we do match client-to-client but as well as those in our non-client pool and with those outside our network that we headhunt. Regardless if your match is within our network or not they must meet your criteria, including all deal breakers, be relationship-oriented, emotionally/physically available and genuinly interested in connecting with you. View where we look. Matches found outside the network are vetted and must pass our background checks. Learn more about GQProtect.

What if I am HIV POZ? Do you disclose this?
We disclose it only with your expressed permission and only to those potential matches that agree to meet you. Believe it or not, the Gay community is very knowledgeable on this subject and also pretty understanding. It may or may not be a deal breaker for many individuals as most men live a very healthy lifestyle and maintain their HIV status with discipline and dedication. We have found that there are guys out there for everyone and some individual’s that may be HIV negative are open to meeting a HIV positive individual. Either way, we feel that if it needs to be disclosed and we have spoken to you or the potential match about it and you feel this is something we need to address, we handle it for you. We are not afraid to discuss difficult lifestyle matters. Please know this information is not disclosed to the general public, however we can and will disclose any sensitive health issues that you feel is pertinent for any potential match to know. We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously and always keep you in high value when speaking to any potential men.

Is matchmaking effective even though I will not meet my matchmaker in person?
Absolutely! No matter where you are located, either in a big metropolitan city or a rural area. Our Matchmakers are available to speak with you and answer any question or address any concern you may have. Our business model is based on the internet (although we have satellite offices around the world), we stand behind our Guarantee to find your specified matches by searching all over. We are committed to finding a solution should a problem arise with top notch Customer Service. Contact is made by email, Skype (International) or phone (US/Canada). We do not meet any client in person, no matter the location. The Internet has completely changed society. It allows people to work from home, or to conduct business from any location, the time savings and cost savings is a huge gain. The benefits of online and telecommuting has revolutionized brick-and-mortar businesses all around the world by making it greener, flexible, quicker and more convenient. This successful communication technique has plenty of perks for you. These include: Convenience, accessibility, easier, more efficient and even more effective. Gayquation provides the opportunity to get to know your Matchmaker and develop a personal relationship. An advantage when you need to speak with him on a moment’s notice and feedback is always appreciated. Gayquation values our members and the GLBT community. We typically return any communication within 24-48 hours, if not sooner.

If I want to work with a specific Matchmaker, can I request that?
We assign our Matchmakers based on internal specifications and workloads. Requests of this nature will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Your demographics, criteria and location play a big part to whom your Matchmaker will be, as we want to make sure you are partnered with a Matchmaker that will be the most effective. For example, if you are from Australia, we would assign you to a Matchmaker who has had past experience in that area.

How will I communicate with my Matchmaker?
Your Matchmaker is available by email. Typical response time is usually less than 24 hours. Quicker if received during business hours. You will always speak with a real Matchmaker and never an automated service.

How long is the interview portion of the process?
All interviews are pre-scheduled. Although we do not have a specific time limit to conduct the interview. It will last as long as needed to get to know you and your preferences. We never rush you or pressure you. Average length of interviews are 90-120 minutes.

How is the interview conducted?
The interview is conducted via a phone voice call for residents of the US, Canada & UK or Skype for all other countries.

What sort of questions are asked during the interview?
Each interview is unique and is a conversation between friends (you and your Matchmaker). The flow of the conversation is dependent on you and your life experiences. There is no uniform way the interview is conducted specifically. This is completely and ALWAYS confidential.

But in general, we ask pointed questions about personal and sensitive issues that we ask you to provide honest and open answers to. Your Matchmaker gets to know you and based on your unique personality, lifestyle, likes, dislikes and values to try and understand exactly who will be a suitable and rewarding match.

Some of the questions may discuss, but not limited to: potential patterns in dating a certain type of men, issues and true information that will prevent you from getting what you really feel is important in a future relationship. This can range from trust, casual sex, to how “Out” you or the potential candidate is, acceptance of Roles (in and out of the bedroom), spirituality to values, backgrounds, individual identities to shyness, aggressiveness, self-esteem and body issues. At some point, your Matchmaker may address other issues like having a support system, the disappointments of past relationships, frustration of what has worked and what hasn’t worked: Possible fear of rejection, disappointments of not finding someone, loneliness and un-fulfillment. Many of the men we speak to (both clients and other gay men that are potential candidates) feel the same way and deal with these same issues constantly, but are subjective to an individual’s personal experience...

The noted difference in using a Matchmaker, is we pre-screen and speak with men on your behalf to address these and other sensitive issues so you can avoid the awkward conversations that these topics can lead to.

We would like you to always keep in mind that none of your details and information you provide in your profile is accessible online or made public and is 100% confidential.

Only select information (approved by you) is shared with a potential match to protect your identity and your personal information. You always have complete control over whether to contact the potential match or not. Your contact information is never given to the potential match. You must provide this information to them once you approve of the match and contact them directly on the contact information that is provided to you. Then, if you want to share with them your personal information to let them get to know you, you can. We feel it’s part of the flirting process, sharing, trust, making a connection and the natural process of relationship development.

Who sees my response to the HIV status question?
Gayquation takes your HIV status very seriously. Therefore, please note that your response to this question will never be shared with the general public or with your potential matches unless you provide your Matchmaker with explicit permission. Gayquation will only use this response as part of the matching process in order to ensure your preferences are maintained. Therefore, we will not match you with potential profiles that do not meet your preference to this response, or if their preferences do not match your response. At Gayquation, our goal is to maintain your personal information as exactly that– personal. However, we also understand your status is an important criterion in finding your Gayquation. Our goal is to make your HIV status a non-issue when we search and speak with potential matches. As many of us don’t look forward to the “third date” where we tend to talk about our status. Rest assured that your matches have expressed no issue with your health status, whatever it may be, and are looking forward to hearing from you.

What if I do not like my match?
Gayquation does its best to match you to like-minded men that not only fit the physical and personal traits you seek, but also your Gayquotient. However, we cannot guarantee the success and chemistry of each and every match. There is no scientific formula for chemistry - if there was you wouldn't be here. Obviously, there will be matches you like and others that might not work out. But don't fret, that is why we are here... to open door after door for you.

Please note that before a match is made official you will be sent a Potential Match email, along with his photos, for your approval. There are no surprises or going in blind. If you approve, the match will be converted into an official introduction; if not, he is rejected and does not count to your match total.

Are these blind dates?
No. There are no surprises here. Both parties know what each other look like before an official introduction is made. In fact, before a prospect is greenlit, your lead matchmaker will present you a potential match via email, along with his photos for your approval. If you pass on him, he does not count as an introduction. If you approve, the potential match is converted to an official introduction.

How many men am I matched to?
Depending on your membership you may be matched to up to 4 men per month. See all your options here.

What if you do not find me the number of introductions within any given month?
We have our GQ Guarantee to make sure your matches are delivered every 30 days and with those that meet your criteria. However, as you know, we are human matchmakers and not robots. So sometimes, delays happen and for various reasons. Take a look at our Trust and Safety process for more information on how we address this and other issues that may arise.

Can I ask for specific traits, like a fetish or whether he has kids or not?
Yes. If you do not see a question on our criteria list, please feel free to add it in the special request section. Your matchmaker makes every effort to meet your important criteria. We understand how one factor is more influential over another.

Do you broaden my parameters automatically if you find my pool of men thin in my area? How do members contact each other once a match is chosen?
Absolutely not, as your matchmaker, we provide recommendations. But do not broaden your parameters without your express permission.

How do members contact each other once a match is chosen?
We have several options to choose. You can send a text message, email , or call them depending on what they prefer as initial contact. We provide you with an email and/or phone number for contacting your match(es). You may also be a set up on an Insta-Date with your prospective match.

When do I get to start communicating with my matches?
You get to start communicating immediately after we introduce you to your matches. Gayquation will send you an email notifying you of a match. We ask that you initiate contact with your official match within 24 hours upon receipt of their contact details to keep it fresh. They have been advised by your Matchmaker that his information has been sent and so they are anticipating connecting with you.

Do I contact matches? Or do I wait to hear from them?
Unless it's fellow client, you will be asked to contact them initially upon receiving their contact details. Every match provides us expressed written permission to release their contact info, including email and mobile number. Any specific instructions, i.e. he prefers to start with a txt message, will be provided to you within the official introduction email. If possible please contact each match within 24 hours as they are expecting to hear from you.

Can I change or update my criteria during the process, broaden or specify any trait?
Absolutely! As you get more accustomed to the matches we send, you can adjust your match preferences by either narrowing or broadening your search criteria to increase or decrease the number of potential matches. Again, please note this does not change your Gayquotient, but only the additional criteria used as secondary matching criteria (i.e. zip code, age, fetishes, etc). Our main goal is to find you as close to the “perfect” guy as we can. We understand that maybe you might have questions or may have forgotten to mention a certain criteria during the interview or while filling out your profile. Maybe, you may have acquired a new taste in men or discovered . The Gay world is a diverse, wide and open place. Just let us know what you want to change and we will adjust our search as needed. Perhaps a type you otherwise did not have begins to formulate that begoms to formulate in a potential mate physically and personally after being introduced to your first set of matches.

Where do you leave it with my matches prior to sending their contact info to me?
This is some of what matches are provided in their confirmation email: "From here I will have Evan contact you directly, so please expect it shortly. He will let you know how he found your information, via Gayquation."

How long after I receive my matches should I contact them?
It is up to you when to make contact. We would recommend reaching out to each match soon after receiving their information, as we deliver it to you within 24 hours of qualification.

What if I am already acquainted with my match?
Wow! What a small world we live in, right? In the event you come across an individual you are previously acquainted with (you know this person and they are familiar with you) please inform your matchmaker and he will replace the match as part of our guarantee. Please keep in mind that potential matches whom you have possibly perused on a dating site does not constitute a previous acquaintance. But moreso communicated with, i.e. online chat, email, txt message, in person and/or phone call.

Can you give me some advice on starting and holding a great conversation?
Keep in mind that every one of your matches are expecting to hear from you and have explicitly given permission to your Matchmaker to release their contact information. So for that reason alone, you have the right to have all the confidence when reaching out to each one. If it's an email introduction, our advice is to keep it somewhat brief as to also make sure the match does respond and begin communication. Once he does, you are off and running so to speak. :) A simple "Hello", some pleasantries, and reminding him how you received his contact info should suffice (via Gayquation). Most importantly, just be yourself. Feel free to talk about your passions, pass a compliment if its warranted, discuss your hobbies and interests. Whatever makes you unique. Don’t use look at this like an interview and try to avoid heavy topics like religion, past boyfriends, height, weight, income ect… and just be your most engaging. It’s a conversation and enjoy the newness of it all, it’s a part of flirting. Unwritten rule: No one liners… Nor diatribes.

Am I required to reach out to ALL of the candidates you send or am I supposed to “cherry pick” and speak to those that I prefer?
It is absolutely up to your discretion to whom you reach out to and when. However, please keep in mind that those you do not communicate with are not replaced. They are counted to your match total for that given cycle, unless the match does not meet our guarantee.

If an email/phone introduction does not translate into a date, does that count as one of my matches?
The short anseer is Yes. Our short term goal is to open as many doors as we can for you, while making sure communication commences so as to test for a possible connection. This may occur via email, phone and/or an Insta-Date. Naturally, our long term goal is to be part of the reason you find yourself in a potential long-term and successful relationship. Our guarantee covers that you are not only matched to 2 or 4 matches per month, based on your membership, but also 1) communication begins 2) with previously unacquainted individuals and 3) who have not misrepresented themselves.

How many Insta-Dates may I go on?
The number of Insta-Dates vary based on your membership type and availability, as your Matchmaker must get approval from, not just yourself, but from your match as well. There are no guarantees on the number of Insta-Dates per month. Only potential matches that display a very high level of interest and enthusiasm will be considered as to prevent any chance of a no-show.

Do you send me out on dates automatically or do I have to call for an introduction?
You must opt-in for the Insta-Date feature and notify your Matchmaker you would like to activate this feature OR a potential match must display a high level of interest and request a date be pre-arranged. It is completely free. We use our intuition and experience in our search to find you matches. If they fit your criteria, we will present them to you. Upon your approval and level of interest, we call the match and set up the date at a mutually agreed upon time and location. It’s that easy.

Do you give suggestions to help improve my chances?
Yes, your lead matchmaker will provide recommendations based on your demo, criteria and/or location during your phone interview, but also along the way as he collects feedback from you and your potential market. After a few weeks and some data collection, your Optima page will be created which provides you your own market report. Learn more here. But you are the captain of this ship - we are simply your co-captain so your matchmakers will never go outside your parameters without your approval. You may move criteria from a negotiable trait to a deal breaker, or vice versa, at anytime.

What is the distinction between a Junior and Senior Matchmaker?
- Junior Matchmakers carry 3+ years and 3000 hours of experience in matchmaking gay and/or straight singles. In addition, their roster of clients must not exceed 50.
- Senior Matchmakers carry 10+ years and 10000 hours of experience in matchmaking gay and/or straight singles, with a minimal 3000 hours dedicated to matchmaking gay men Their roster of clients must not exceed 75.
Please keep in mind the process our matchmakers use is exactly the same regardless of their level. You will always be in good hands! Meet them here.

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