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“The Chosen One”- Potential Match

I’ve been selected as a match for an introduction to your client. Now What?
Just sit back, relax and await our client to initiate contact. He will be briefed with the Matchmaker’s friendly notes about you, your preferences, along with your photo, contact info and any other information you asked your Matchmaker to communicate to the member on your behalf. We advise our clients to contact you within 24-48 hours by whichever communication preference you provided to your Matchmaker.

Is there any obligation if I agree to an introduction with one of your clients?
It is Totally Free for you as a potential match. By obligation, we assume you mean contracts or do you have to pay to be introduced to our members. There are no contracts here and if you are asked by one of our Matchmakers to be introduced to one of our members, It is free for you. (There will be NO money exchanged, NO credit cards needed, nada). For our paid members (matches guaranteed), they can cancel at any time and monthly memberships start at $79.99. Click here

The only thing we ask, is if you are interested in our client and they contact you, please have the courtesy to respond to the contact (email, text, phone or IM ect..) Its why we are all here… to meet new friends and have fun doing it. Thanks.

Is there a fee when I am selected as a possible match for your client(s)?
There is NO fee whatsoever or obligation. Part of our matchmaking process is venturing outside our database to locate and qualify matches on behalf of our clients. Thus, we are excited if you display interest in being introduced to him and is 100% complimentary for you. However, you are not guaranteed continued matches, nor are you provided our members contact information by us and you will not be guaranteed assignment to a matchmaker. Only paid clients are guaranteed a specific number of matches every month.

Why did you choose me? How do I know it’s a match?
You made an impression on us. You met our client’s basic criteria and showed your intelligence, charm and character. We even took note of your likes and dislikes and weighted them against our members. We use invaluable insight and go with our gut in deciding if you’re a good chap that should meet another good guy with similar wants and needs. We are not psychic, but we do know Men.

It’s up to you and him to establish a new friendship through the introduction process and enjoy the unique experience of getting to know an enjoyable man with common interests and a potential for a great relationship. We’re an alternative matchmaking company, not one of those antiquated ones. In all honesty, we don’t search for love at first site. We simply open many doors for our clients. More opportunities means greater chance at LTR success. Our Matchmakers have had years of experience, looking over personality profiles, photos, and descriptions and we speak with thousands of men. If we choose you, that simply means You are special.

Will I be matched to other clients in the future?
Yes, it is very possible to be matched to other clients if it does not work out with the client that was originally matched with you. Just let your Matchmaker know that you would like to be considered for other clients in the future. Please note: You are not guaranteed to be matched unless you are a paid member of our site.

What kind of guys use Gayquation and why do they need a Matchmaker?
We like matching Great men. Quality men like yourself. Our members are first and foremost professionals… Nice Guys who are Educated Gentlemen who have established lives and careers. They are goal oriented and proactive in their search for Love and companionship. They have a realistic view of where they are in life and what they bring to the table. As Gay and bi men they are discreet and private with their personal lives yet desire the passions in life that shared experiences and male bonding bring. They hired a professional because they want to increase their chances of finding a healthy love life and happy partnership. It also helps that our team has advanced degrees and are relationship experts.

90% of our clients fall into one or more of these three types:
1) The Busy-Bee – Personable hardworking professional who has time-enough to date but has a hard time finding time to do the search…but would make time for that special someone.
2) The Timid Romantic – A shy guy who sometimes has a hard time breaking ice with new men.. maybe someone who just got out of a divorce, or out of the closet….
3) Change My Luck – Someone who simply wants to change his luck around by trying something new, someone open to new ideas and driven….

I only date guys who have achieved a certain financial status and I need to know how much money your client makes before I agree to meet him.
While these considerations are obviously important, it’s critical to also take into account that many of our single Gay or Bisexual Professionals are at different stages of their lives and are seeking a quality relationship to build into the solid foundation they already have in place. Many of them are well rounded individuals with so much to offer the right person. Most have attained the level of success in their lives and are able to pursue their favorite hobbies daily, pay their bills, are responsible and stable. Each individual is different.

With this in mind, we keep a close eye out for the safety and protection of their reputations and personal information. We also make note of potential men who want a “Sugar Daddy-Baby relationship or exhibit behaviors that indicate a Gold digger like mentality”. We classify men in that category as immediate “deal breakers” and will not pursue an introduction with our member. In our vast experience, we find that questions of this nature do not usually mesh with our long term relationship seeking members.

For this reason and security of our members, Gayquation does not disclose our members Personal Income or Net Worth.

At this stage in their lives, our members know deep in their hearts that they have everything one needs to offer a special guy to have a wonderful partnership to enhance and share their lives, activities and experience a true connection. Visit our Trust & Safety page.

This can’t be real… I have never been approached by a Matchmaker before. Is this a scam?
Heavens No… Not even close! This is a very real service and free for you as a potential match. Rest assured, we have been in business for 13 years and matched 1000’s of single men around the world. Gayquation.com is the world's leading progressive Gay personal matchmaking service, with a unique focus on M4M relationships, men and their exclusive traits, innovation, friendship potential, chemistry between men and statistics that equal real results! With you in mind, our team of expert and professional Matchmakers inspire potential dates to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations and create the future of companionship with open arms.

Count yourself lucky that we found you (We only search out and contact the best matches.) and thank you for taking the time to speak with our Matchmakers and giving us a chance to get to know you. We carefully qualify each match and member and base the potential introduction on the information that is provided to us and trust that the information is accurate. Because of this we have very strict privacy rules and practices that we adhere to so our clients and matches feel safe, secure and comfortable in meeting our recommended Gentlemen. Please read our Privacy Policy and How Gayquation Works for detailed information and a step-by-step guide.

-Throwing out the traditional methods- -An equation for gay men- -We even offer a Guarantee to our members.

How is my information used and how do you protect my privacy?
1) Gayquation respects your privacy. All personal information you submit to Gayquation will be kept in the strictest confidence. Please read our Privacy policy for specifics. Personal information you provide to us will only be used by Gayquation, and will never be sold or given to third parties for any purpose without your consent. We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy online
2) Our members trust that our Matchmakers have chosen a guy with fun hobbies and interest, general good charm and wits that fit our professional good sense and the matches preferences when selecting a guy for our members. We take the approach of looking at each match as a true frame for a potential partner, confidante and future companion. We ask specific questions to get to know the individual and their life wants/ needs and match them to our members.
3) We place confidence in our ability to deliver a high level of personal service, competitive pricing and overall do the right things to earn you a successful dating life and create new memories and experiences. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Do you perform background checks on your members?
Yes, we do perform a background check called GQProtect. Every match must pass or is rejected. Learn more about GQProtect here. We also look for certain personalities when selecting whom to work with. During our conversations we keep a professional ear out and do a personality background check during our interview and conversations with them to make sure they pass what we call our “normalcy” check- Someone with a good head on their shoulders, shows clear thought and communicates his needs effectively. We operate on the age old principle of trust and base our search on the information that the member provides to us. We require all of our members to be over the age of 18 with a valid e-mail/phone number to be matched.

Please Note: We at Gayquation expect you to understand that we cannot take responsibility for any pain, damage or suffering arising from your use of this site. Please use your common sense and be careful about giving out personal information to people you meet on our site or anywhere on the internet. If a harassing situation arises please contact our administration immediately. So we can take further steps in tracing and banning this member from our site. Visit our Trust & Safety page.

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