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Member Account Information

What do I need to do to get started?
Simply visit us our signup page, select your membership and complete your billing info. Your account will be activated shortly thereafter. An official assignment to a matchmaker is made within 48 hours. Afterwhich an interview will be scheduled via phone/Skype. Your photos will be provided directly to your matchmaker.

What types of matchmaking subscriptions are available?
There are 2 different matchmaking memberships available, varied by the number of matches you receive per month (2 and 4 introductions). Add-on services, like Coaching, are also available. Visit our signup page to view our membership options.

I accidentally ordered the wrong type of membership. What should I do?
If you accidentally ordered an upgrade during a purchase, simply let us know by contacting us

We will remove the charge from your card and change the membership to that of your choice. There is no need for you to go through the hassle of contacting your credit card company.

How is the membership billed?
All memberships are billed monthly and are recurring until stopped. There are no contracts, no setup fees or cancellation fees. You may view the terms of use here. They cannot be broken down into weekly increments. You may also select a 6 month membership - billed once.

Why do I see Gquation on my billing statement?
For your privacy and discretion, Gayquation Matchmaking service is billed as Gquation. If you have a charge from us on your card, either you or someone in your household ordered our Matchmaking program.

If seeing Gquation does not ring a bell, please ask the people in your household if they have ordered a Matchmaking membership. If no one in the household ordered one of our memberships, and you suspect someone else has used your card, simply let us know and we will remove the charge from your card. There is no need for you to go through the hassle of contacting your credit card company.

There is a charge on my account that I do not understand. What should I do?
If you have any questions about a charge, our polite staff would be more than happy to assist you. Simply contact us.

I want to join but my credit card is not working on this site?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover credit cards. Please verify the first and last name entered, card type, credit card number and the CVV. For assistance with your Gayquation membership account, please contact Customer Service at support@gayquation.com

Additional reasons why your card may not be accepted:

- Your card may have expired. Contact your bank or credit card company if you need a new card.
- Your card may be issued by a foreign. bank or your billing address may be outside the United States.
- The name and address you entered may not be exactly the same as the name and address on your card or account. Check your billing statement to be sure, especially if your address has an apartment number. It is only necessary to enter your zip code as five digits and not nine.
- You may not have credit or funds available in your credit or debit card account.
- You may have exceeded the daily transaction limit or daily dollar amount of your credit or debit account. Some banks and credit card companies impose a limit on the number of transactions or daily dollar limit that can be processed in one day, especially for debit cards.

How do I update my criteria and profile?
Login to your account. There you can modify your profile at any time and view your recent matches. Picture updates must be sent to your Matchmaker directly.

How do I sign in?
Click here and enter your login credentials provided to you upon joining.

What should I do if I cannot log in?
Please contact us immediately so we can assist. If you forgot your password, on the login page, click on “Did you forget your password?” enter your email address for your password to be emailed to you.

How do I change my username?
Your username cannot be altered once you have signed up for an account, unless requested to your matchmaker or customer service. However, your password can be changed at any time.

What should I do if I cannot log in?
Please contact us immediately so we can assist. You may also contact your matchmaker directly. If you forgot your password, please go to the Login screen and under “Did you forget your password?” enter your email address for your password to be emailed to you.

I forgot my user name or password. How do I get them?
If you forgot your password or user name, please visit the Login page and under “Did you forget your password?” enter your email address for your password to be emailed to you. If you forgot your user name, simply email us at support@gayquation.com.

My photos don’t appear on my profile. Why is that?
Your photos are only in possession of your Matchmaker. They are for his use only and are only shown to potential matches with your permission. Discretion is very important to us so we are careful to whom we do provide our client’s photo(s). Gayquation clients do not have public profiles as we are not a dating or personals site.

What are “deal breakers” or “non-negotiables"?
Everyone has standards and deal-breakers in dating. If you’re unfamiliar with what a “deal breaker” is, these are traits that would make a successful great catch reconsider pursuing a relationship with a man that doesn’t meet these specific search criteria. Sometimes this can be flexible depending on your needs, however typically we try and keep it within the limits of what you prefer.

There are Non-negotiables/Deal breakers for search criteria for every client. As your matchmakers, we tend to have certain criteria we “big brother” as well and these may include things that you have not requested but are standard for every search for quality men that we undertake.

First and foremost we search for:
(1) Relationship-seeking (long term relationship LTR) (2) Age range (3) Location radius (4) Ethnicity (5) Sexual Orientation (6) General Physical Traits

Can a membership be given as a gift to a friend?
Yes, you can gift or pay for a membership for someone else. This can also be paid for as a third party. Simply reference the persons name you are paying for and fill out the billing information with your information and let them know that they will be contacted by our customer service with further steps to setting up an interview with their matchmaker. Please see our terms and conditions for how the billing will appear on your bank statement. PS.... Your a great friend, (a lil cupid in fact) to give the gift of matchmaking.

Can I pause my membership and future introductions?
Yes, you can pause your membership at any time. Unless you inform your matchmaker otherwise your membership will continue every month. At certain times your matchmaking will recommended a pause in your membership based on situational circumstances. If any matches remain they are provided unless you otherwise inform your lead matchmaker to pause his search. A few examples: 1) If you find yourself in a relationship or just met someone and want to see where it goes you can request a pause and come back at a future date. 2) If you go on a two month trip and need to pause, your membership can be reactivated upon your return. 3) Your lead matchmaker may recommend (or maybe you request to) catch up on the introductions that have rolled over. At any time you can reactivate your membership once the balance has been delivered and your team can continue where they left off. Just keep in contact with your lead matchmaker throughout or inform customer service.

How do I cancel my subscription?
We are sorry to hear you want to cancel your subscription, but hopefully it is because you found your perfect mate or someone to date. Either way Kudos! Simply, inform your lead matchmaker via email or visit our contact page. From this page, you can send us an email indicating you wish to cancel your subscription. Our Customer Support Team will process your request within 24 hours and your subscription will be canceled effective immediately.

In case you would like to re-start your membership, you may reactivate your membership at any time. If available, your previous lead matchmaker and team will be assigned to you.

Is there a cancelation fee?
No, there are NO penalties for canceling your membership with us. Gayquation offers you the convenience to cancel your membership at any time. As memberships are paid monthly, we will fulfill your selected number of matches to complete your billing cycle once cancelation is complete.

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