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How does the Momentum service work?
Momentum is a companion service to our matchmaking services. With Momentum your matchmaker will go beyond the point of introduction and help you along with each individual with his own personal opinion and advice, along with establishing a timeline for each intro. This helps our clients get traction into a possible deeper connection with his match and also can help identify patterns for your matchmaker to provide insight on, while helping to improve and optimize your online and offline communication and dating skills. For more info about our Momentum service, click here.

Can I use Momentum without using the Matchmaking service?
No, the Momentum service supports and documents matches that are introduced by your Matchmaker, this also gives you advice on how to handle certain situations. This is a great way to analyze your patterns and identify trends to better dating. You can, however sign up for the Matchmaking membership without adding the Momentum service.

I went out on a date with someone I met outside of my Gayquation membership. Can I add him to my list of Gayquation dates and notes?
Glad to hear you’re going out and being proactive. We hope your date is fun and insightful. The Momentum service is a support tool for our matchmaking service and the great guys we have introduced you to. The goal is to improve the quality of your matches and let u understand the intricacies of your interactions. If you want to delve outside of Gayquation matches, talk about love, life and get dating tips that can assist you with ANY dating or relationship questions. We offer unbiased forthrightness and professional M4M tips. Expert Coaching services can be added to your membership.

How long after I make an entry or note will I get feedback from my Matchmaker?
Your page and timeline will be updated within 48 hours upon submission.

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