Protecting our clients’ privacy and safety is of utmost importance to us at Gayquation, as is maintaining the integrity of the matchmaking process. Thus we have introduced GQProtect: real-time background checks of every prospective match. This service is automatically included in your membership.

With GQProtect your matchmaking team will perform a thorough vetting process of potential matches. You will receive these results following a green lit introduction. Part of the background check will include cross-referencing public profiles, gathering digital footprints, and accessing public info.

Your assigned matchmaker will conduct the following during or immediately after the qualifying process of each potential match:

Verifying identity
Verifying photos as authentic
Verifying his location/residence
Verifying contact information
Verifying marital/divorce status
Criminal background check

A prospective match must pass every check above or will not be qualified. If results return inconclusive, your matchmaker will make the final determination based on other factors, including his communications. Any match that you discover has misrepresented himself will be replaced as part of our Guarantee.

Note: Our client's photos and information are never posted publicaly, including on our website. This information is kept confidential and is never provided without your prior consent.

If you have questions regarding this new feature, please contact your matchmaker directly or email us at:

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