We've got you covered. Although we can't manufacture men in a warehouse (we wish!), we want our clients to feel comfortable and confident in our process, regardless of one's location, demographics and/or criteria.

We are very confident in the “Gayquation” and in our qualified and professional matchmakers. As a standard of practice, we want all of our clients to feel comfortable and secure in our matchmaking process, regardless of one's location or criteria set. For this reason we offer the Match Guarantee - if for any reason your matchmaker fails to introduce you to the number of eligible men specific to your membership level, one or two things will occur:

1) Any undelivered matches are rolled over to the following month. For example, if you are a 3's A Crowd member (2 introductions per month) and your matchmaker only delivers you 1 match in any given month, 1 match is rolled-over and added to your next cycle. During that month you will now be owed a total of 3 matches, in this example. Your matchmaker may also instill a more aggressive and customized approach at this point. Learn more here.

2) If the number of total matches owed is more than 3x your monthly membership total, your membership may be paused until all your matches have been fulfilled. Your lead matchmaker will give you his assessment. For example, continuing with the example provided above, if 6 matches have been rolled-over during a period of a few months, meaning you are now owed a total of 8 introductions (2 for the current cycle + 6 rolled-over), your membership is paused and your account remains active until all your introductions that you have paid for have been provided, in this example - 8. You may then decide to reactivate your membership and continue the process from there.

With those that sign up for our 12 or 24 match packages, our goal will be to achieve your intros within 6 months with an average of 2 per month. I.e. You may receive 5 in one month and 2 the next. Once your 12 or 24 introductions have been fulfilled, you may reactivate and extend for another 6 months. Any matches that remain after 6 months roll-over until they have been fulfilled.

Your matchmaker will give you recommendations throughout the entire process, for example broadening or narrowing your criteria, i.e. radius, age, etc. His recommendations will be based on past results, marketplace size, and feedback from yourself and potential matches. But always remember you are the captain of this ship. Your matchmaker will not change your criteria without your consent.

Please note that this is a month-to-month membership - you may cancel at anytime; or a 6 month membership as a one time fee. If a membership is cancelled or paused, a client remains active until his balance of introductions are fulfilled, his potential market has been saturated by 75% within a 25 mile radius, or 180 days has passed. Your dedicated Optima page will provide you this information.

When a match is replaced...

In addition to being provided every introduction in your membership, a match will be replaced for any of the 3 reasons below.

a) Acquaintances. We want to introduce you to men that you did not even know existed before joining us. If your matchmaker introduces you to someone that you have met online or offline the match is replaced. Let's open new doors, not old ones.
b) Non-communication. If an email/phone intro, we want to make sure the initial lines of communication have opened, thus if you contact a match and do not receive a response within a reasonable period of time (72 hours) the match is replaced. If an Insta-Date, anyone that cancels or no shows a scheduled in person meeting is replaced. Please understand that we can not control one's behavior or actions after an introduction is made but if someone has a change of heart or cold feet he will not count as an official match. We only qualify individuals that display a high level of interest in connecting.
c) Misrepresentations. Any match that you discover misrepresented himself and did not meet one or more of your deal breakers is replaced. For example, you find out he was visiting your area but does not reside there, he is outside your age range, etc. Our matchmakers do perform a background and validity check and do a great job of weeding out hookup artists and fraudulent individuals, but in the event someone flies under their radar he will be replaced and possibly blacklisted. With any of these situations, you simply inform your matchmaker and the match will be replaced.

IMPORTANT: We are in the business of connecting human beings and ultimately finding love and chemistry, a service with endless variables as you can imagine. Remember that your matchmaker is not a robot and cannot build in his workshop your perfect man or order one online. But with experience and a systematic approach, he will provide quality introductions with like-minded men and within a reasonable time frame. This is guaranteed. More often than not the outcome will be successful. That being said, rolling over of matches is common and may depend on several factors, including your demographics, location and criteria. Your matchmaker will be very upfront and candid with you throughout the entire process. They will do everything in their power to customize their approach to best fit your needs and prospects and increase the chances of meeting their goals every month. After speaking with you, during your interview, your matchmaker will provide you his feedback, recommendations and expectations going forward. At any time during the process you may communicate with your matchmaker directly. We are in it together after all. Feedback is always welcomed and an essential part of the process. All emails must be responded to within 24 hours.

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