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What do I need to do to get started?
Simply visit us our signup page, select your membership and complete your billing info. Your account will be activated shortly thereafter. An official assignment to a matchmaker is made within 48 hours. Afterwhich an interview will be scheduled via phone/Skype. Your photos will be provided directly to your matchmaker.

How are you different from traditional matchmaking agencies?
Gay Cupid + Quality + Variety + Ever changing Internet + Value = Your Gayquation

Everything about our Matchmaking model is geared toward offering a huge, ever-changing selection of quality Men that enable our members to indulge their unique dating style, fetishes and preferences. Gayquation brings the thrill of the hunt, the excitement of discovery and the satisfaction of trusting our professional instincts/ knowledge and knowing the potential match already wants to meet you. Our methodology is proven, modern, contemporary, efficient and based on scientific and factual evidence to support our model. We have hundreds of successful relationships which we have had the honor of introducing to each other.

Since Gayquation’s costs are substantially lower as opposed to traditional matchmaking, we can pass those cost savings on to you. The time and energy of the traditional search has been streamlined into our revolutionary dating system designed exclusively for gay men. Traditional methods don't seem to work for gay men which is why Gayquation was created. We are proud to be the leading progressive personal matchmaking service, with a unique focus on m4m chemistry and statistics that equal real results. No flip books, no pressure and you have the last say on if you decide to contact the potential match. You are in control of the whole process.

Our focus is on introductions, not love at first site. Our model is internet based, we will look everywhere and open doors that you may not have available to you. We make sure that the potential match is excited to meet you and we screen the matches to make sure they meet your specified criteria. Keep an open mind. We'll be introducing you to new men with each and every introduction. Then, it's up to Mother Nature whether or not you click. We Guarantee you will have a great experience.

We are constantly striving to have an extremely high bar on quality. Our tech team and our Matchmakers work closely together on processes and metrics to ensure we're consistently improving if not finding your perfect match right off the bat.

The word Matchmaking has the ability to generate different reactions, from dread to excitement and anticipation to fond memories and everything in between. But the concept in Europe and America has evolved in the last decade and become a very viable means of finding that special someone to share one’s life with. As professionals and industry experts, we have found that our unique style of Gay matchmaking appeals to a much broader clientele both in terms of age and purpose with clients from many professions and walks of life. Gayquation is attracting attention, setting trends in the LGBT community and changing society and the way they view M4M love.

What is the difference between the “Paid” version and the “Free” versions of your site?
Free version/potential match- 1: If our Matchmakers contact you directly, simply follow his instructions for contact and introduction to our member directly. It means you were chosen as a match for a specific client and it is totally free for your introduction and you will potentially receive contact within 24-48 hours from the member you agreed to meet.* See where our matchmakers may have screened you for one of our clients: Target and Touch.

Free version/potential match- 2: You submit your contact details on the bottom of our Home page as an “Are you the One?”. There are no obligations. Simply, provide us your email address to receive a qualifying questionnaire which will let us know who you are and what your preferences in Men and after it is submitted, you will speak with a Real Matchmaker within 24 hours on a possible introduction.**

Paid Members: Along with being assigned to an official Matchmaker whom you have direct communication with for the whole process, you are always guaranteed the number of matches specific to your membership (ie. 2, 4 or 8 per your monthly cycle) that are specific to your preferences and membership: We charge a nominal monthly fee depending on your membership level. We are proud to be the lowest in the industry! Please visit our Sign Up page for our membership options. They start as low as $79.99/month. This is a month-to-month membership with No Contracts. Cancel anytime.

*The caveat to the free version is you are NOT guaranteed contact by our members. And you will NOT be furnished contact information with our members unless, they agree to contact you and reach out to you directly. Match contact information is only given to paid members. Even after your successful first match (where our member was introduced to you and contact information given) there is no guarantee for future introductions, much depends on yours and our clients criteria, demographics and location. Lastly, you are not officially assigned a Matchmaker on staff, we will only actively search for a match for you if you are subscribed to our Matchmaking service.

Do you offer consultations? Is it free?
Yes, we do offer consultations to answer any questions you may have. You will always speak with a real life matchmaker. 100% complimentary. No obligation, fun and informative. Don’t wait. Schedule your consultation today.

What are the guarantees of me being matched successfully?
Our short term goals are to open as many quality doors as we can and that communication begins with each match, so as to test a possible connection. We guarantee results every 30 days* and as long as your membership is active. We have an average 89% Success Rate. This is based on finding the number of matches eligible for your membership in a 30 day period that meet at least 80% of the criteria you have set and your Gayquotient.

*If we do not qualify the set number of matches based on your membership every 30 day cycle, they are rolled over to the following month. If for some reason matches cannot be found you will receive a full refund. Read more about our Guarantee.

Why do I have to fill out a questionnaire if I want to be considered as a match for one of your members?
We have members of all types and all across the world who are seeking a long term relationship, Great Guys, just like you!

Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire completely once you receive it by email. It is an important part of our matchmaking process. We need to know what your likes, dislikes, preferences in men are and also to get to know your demographics, age, location, physical traits and other pertinent lifestyle information as a Gay man that is necessary to match you. It is our way of getting to know you. Always free and 100% confidential. We take your privacy seriously and only use it for matchmaking purposes.

Once you submit your answers to us, you will be contacted by a real Matchmaker for possible introduction to one of our members.

Please note: You are only guaranteed matches if you are a paid member.

Can you find men in any part of the world?
Gayquation finds men in the largest cities to the smallest towns and suburbs around the world. Currently, we have clients in over 40 countries and 200 cities worldwide... and growing. Every match must reside within the desired radius you specify. You will provide this on your online questionnaire and discuss this with your matchmaker during your phone interview.

Do you offer personal coaching?
Along with matching you to several eligible men per month, your matchmaker can also serve as your dating & personal coach. This is an optional feature that can be added to your membership. More information may be found here.

What is the average age of your clients?
Our average age is 43 y/o. Our youngest client (as of 9/10/2021) is 20 y/o; our oldest is 85 y/o. We welcome and cater to clients from every age group. Regardless of age, all of our clients are seeking a long term relationship.

Are there any contracts?
There are no contractual obligations whatsoever. You may cancel at any time.

Do you offer annual rates?
Yes, we do offer discounted annual rates. For our annual packages, please click here.

I have another question that is not answered here.
Our polite staff would be more than happy to help you with any problem, question or concern that you may have. Simply contact us or email us at support@gayquation.com. Also, be sure to browse our other FAQ sections.

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