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What makes you more effective than traditional matchmaking agencies?
First off, we only work with gay men. Our matchmakers specialize in matching within the m4m community and fully understand their psychology and lifestyle. In fact, all our matchmakers are gay men themselves. Gay men... it’s who we know and what we do. :)

We do not use outdated flip books, subscribe to blind dates or put your picture out there for everyone to see. We use a real human eye to search aggressively through thousands of profiles, inside and outside our network, and reach out to numerous potential matches on your behalf every day. We value your privacy and confidentiality and only present you to men we have qualified based on your specific search criteria. This recruitment technique is applied at favored hunting grounds like dating and personal sites, social media sites, LGBT organizations, meetup groups, local resources to your area, mining other matchmaking agencies, networking events, etc - in addition to our extensive and ever-growing database of client and non-clients. We believe it's a good mix between the human element and a logical/systematic approach - an evolved matchmaking style that fits in today's swipe left/swipe right dating culture.

We are also proud to keep our rates the lowest in the industry while performing, what we believe, is more than 10x the work and effort than traditional matchmaking agencies or those that you may see on TV or Netflix. We don't force, prod or push two men onto each other - all criteria is met in both directions with zero surprises. We are only traditional in the sense that you may be matched to other clients. But once that pool is saturated, the real leg work begins during our headhunting phase, while keeping an eye on new entries into our network. Our matchmakers pride themselves on being transparent, communicative and honest with you, throughout the entire process. No sugar coating or white flags. In fact, all our clients are provided their own dedicated market report, which gives insight on their market size and viability, along with customized recommendations - all to improve your chances.

Hard-working approach. Incredible value. Instant gratification. Delivered right to your inbox.

Please view our Step by Step process here and more about our company.

What is the cost of your service?
We are proud to be the lowest in the industry and charge a monthly fee depending on your membership level. It starts as low as $199.99/month for 2 introductions. Please visit our Sign Up page for our membership options, including discounted 6 month packages. Please note this is a month-to-month membership with no contracts or setup fees. You may stop at anytime.

What do I need to do to get started?
Simply visit us our signup page, select your membership and complete your billing info. Your account will be activated shortly thereafter. An official assignment to a matchmaker is made within 48 hours. Afterwhich an interview will be scheduled via phone/Skype. Your photos will be provided directly to your matchmaker, along with several other steps that will be emailed to you directly.

Do you offer consultations? Is it free?
Yes, we do offer phone consultations to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. You will always speak with a real life matchmaker. 100% complimentary. No time limit. No obligation. Schedule a consultation here. A senior matchmaker will reach out to you within 24 hours of scheduling it.

What are the guarantees of me being matched successfully?
Our short term goals are to open as many quality doors as we can and that communication begins with each match, so as to test a possible connection. We guarantee results every 30 days* and as long as your membership is active. We have an average 82% Success Rate (as of 4/11/22). This is based on finding the number of matches eligible for your membership in a 30 day period that meet all your deal breakers and your Gayquotient.

*If we do not qualify the set number of matches based on your membership every 30 day cycle, they are rolled over to the following month. Read more about our Guarantee.

How do I become part of your non-client network?
We have clients of all types and all across the world who are seeking a long term relationship - great guys, just like you!

Please take a moment to fill out a request to join our growing network here. Once you submit our questionnaire a matchmaker may reach out to you with a possible match to one or more of his clients. You will then also be considered for any future clients in your desired radius.

Please note: You are only guaranteed introductions and assigned a matchmaking team if you are a paid member. Free members are only matched to clients and not those within the non-client pool.

Can you find men in any part of the world?
Gayquation finds men in the largest cities to the smallest towns and suburbs around the world. Currently, we have clients in over 40 countries and 200 cities worldwide... and growing. Every match must reside within the desired radius you specify. You will provide this on your online questionnaire and discuss this with your matchmaker during your phone interview.

Do you offer personal coaching?
Along with matching you to several eligible men per month, your matchmaker can also serve as your dating & personal coach. This is an optional feature that can be added to your membership. More information may be found here.

What is the average age of your clients?
Our average age is 42 y/o. Our youngest client (as of 10/14/2022) is 20 y/o; our oldest is 86 y/o. We welcome and cater to clients from every age group and in any part of the world. Regardless of age, all of our clients are seeking a long term relationship.

What is Optima? Is it included?
Optima is your dedicated market report which details your progress, including recent intros, photo grades, market saturation levels and recommendations. View a demo here. It is included in all matchmaking memberships.

Are these blind dates?
No. There are no surprises here. Both parties know what each other look like before an official introduction is made. In fact, before a prospect is greenlit, your lead matchmaker will present you a potential match via email, along with his photos for your approval. If you pass on him, he does not count as an introduction. If you approve, the potential match is converted to an official introduction.

Are there any contracts?
There are no contractual obligations whatsoever. You may cancel at any time.

Do you offer annual rates?
We currently offer 6 month memberships which include 2 months free. For our 6 month packages, please click here. For annual rates, please inquire by contacting customer service.

I have another question that is not answered here.
Our polite staff would be more than happy to help you with any problem, question or concern that you may have. Simply contact us or email us at support@gayquation.com. Also, be sure to browse our other FAQ sections.

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