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What in the world is Gayquation?
Gayquation is the world’s leading progressive Gay Personal Matchmaking service, with a unique focus on men, innovation, friendship potential, chemistry between men and statistics that equal real results.

We are a hard working team! Our company is proud to be a service making introductions to thousands of men in the GLBT community all over the world for over 8 years and running. We have grown exponentially over the past few years and have added many services with you in mind, which makes your user experience unique and customized. No robotic searches like other services; be assigned a real Matchmaker who you will communicate with directly.

Gay Matchmaking offers an unparalleled opportunity, freeing yourself from the mundane by taking control of your life and future now. Let the professionals go to work and find that special man to share your life today.

Why try Gayquation?
We know you do not have time for games. Ask yourself: Is it possible you are not experienced in the dating arena, bad at flirting and ice breakers? Experiencing relationship challenges with men or just left an unfulfilling relationship? Maybe you’re fresh out of the closet or recently divorced? Maybe you have been unsuccessful finding love on-line… We also understand security and privacy risks associated with on-line dating and the disappointment that usually follows. We filter through the fake profiles and pics, hook up artists and the insincere. Tired of looking for love in all the wrong places? Ready to try something new and different? Want to find a results based solution to your relationship challenges?

We are here to help!

Our clientele are distinct men, the majority of our members are Doctors, Celebrities, Journalists, Lawyers, Professors, TV and Media professionals, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Corporate Professionals. Many are white and blue collar men or successful business-owners nationwide and internationally who simply do not have the time to find a perfect match or to waste time on trying to build a relationship with incompatible Men. Your time is invaluable, it’s the new currency.

Our highly trained matchmaking staff will remove the time-consuming elements of finding a quality introduction (and possibly a date) for you to create a streamlined, frustration-free experience. This is of paramount importance in understanding our process.

We filter through the thousands of profiles and pictures of men to try and deter the insincere, and to attract only those upstanding men with careers, an education, and generally fulfilling lives. As a rule, we use a stringent selection process. We first and foremost look for discriminating singles committed to a relationship minded lifestyle.

Your Matchmaker makes constant contact to hundreds of men daily. Now granted, we are not showcasing you to that many men. Only showing your picture and selective information if an introduction is pending approval.

You just sit back and wait for qualified matches to be delivered to your inbox. Our members and potential candidates are real Gay and Bi Men looking for real connections and feel very optimistic and open about the experience of meeting new people and forming real relationships. They find this journey refreshing and it helps to develop confidence in knowing that the compatible match is looking forward to meeting you and expecting to hear from you as soon as possible. Totally exciting. Right?

How are you different from traditional matchmaking agencies?
Gay Cupid + Quality + Variety + Ever changing Internet + Value = Your Gayquation

Everything about our Matchmaking model is geared toward offering a huge, ever-changing selection of quality Men that enable our members to indulge their unique dating style, fetishes and preferences. Gayquation brings the thrill of the hunt, the excitement of discovery and the satisfaction of trusting our professional instincts/ knowledge and knowing the potential match already wants to meet you. Our methodology is proven, modern, contemporary, efficient and based on scientific and factual evidence to support our model. We have hundreds of successful relationships which we have had the honor of introducing to each other.

Since Gayquation’s costs are substantially lower as opposed to traditional matchmaking, we can pass those cost savings on to you. The time and energy of the traditional search has been streamlined into our revolutionary dating system designed exclusively for gay men. Traditional methods don't seem to work for gay men which is why Gayquation was created. We are proud to be the leading progressive personal matchmaking service, with a unique focus on m4m chemistry and statistics that equal real results. No flip books, no pressure and you have the last say on if you decide to contact the potential match. You are in control of the whole process.

Our focus is on introductions, not love at first site. Our model is internet based, we will look everywhere and open doors that you may not have available to you. We make sure that the potential match is excited to meet you and we screen the matches to make sure they meet your specified criteria. Keep an open mind. We'll be introducing you to new men with each and every introduction. Then, it's up to Mother Nature whether or not you click. We Guarantee you will have a great experience.

We are constantly striving to have an extremely high bar on quality. Our tech team and our Matchmakers work closely together on processes and metrics to ensure we're consistently improving if not finding your perfect match right off the bat.

The word Matchmaking has the ability to generate different reactions, from dread to excitement and anticipation to fond memories and everything in between. But the concept in Europe and America has evolved in the last decade and become a very viable means of finding that special someone to share one’s life with. As professionals and industry experts, we have found that our unique style of Gay matchmaking appeals to a much broader clientele both in terms of age and purpose with clients from many professions and walks of life. Gayquation is attracting attention, setting trends in the GLBT community and changing society and the way they view M4M love.

What makes you more effective than traditional matchmaking agencies?
First off, we only work with Gay and Bi men. Our Matchmakers specialize in Internet technology, Men and their psychology and lifestyle. Gay men in particular, it’s what we know and what we do. Period.

We do not use outdated flip books or put your picture out there for everyone to see. We use a real human eye to search aggressively through thousands of profiles all over the internet and reach out to numerous potential matches on your behalf. We value your privacy and confidentiality and only present you to men we have qualified based on your specific search criteria. This recruitment technique is applied at favored hunting grounds like dating and personal sites, social media sites, chats, forums, blogs, GLBT organizations, local resources to your area, mining other matchmaking agencies, networking events, etc. in addition to our extensive database of members. Simply put, we want you to meet real people looking for social connections, and who share your same goals of meeting someone special.

We will never spam, display advertisements on our site, sell, share or in any way supply your private information to third parties ever. Our security is top-notch, and we are extremely vigilant in protecting our members from anyone who would attempt to misuse our site, or solicit our members. You, the member, are always our first priority. That's a big statement, and we mean it.

Endless variety. Incredible value. Instant gratification. Delivered right to your inbox.

Is the Gayquation designed for someone like me?
Not only is Gayquation designed exclusively for the gay community, but it is also designed for the m4m culture. We match you to guys who want to meet and make friends. We take all of the factors unique to gay men and tailor/ refine it to your needs and help you meet men with similar life interests, relationship goals and who enjoy the passions in life and entertainment the way you do. We make it easy for you to communicate and connect with local guys in your area who have already been screened as a possible ideal partner.

Who are you?

- Our members have very active lifestyles and exciting careers. When it comes to dating, they don't have time to look. Most successful men have to either message or filter hundreds of messages on popular online dating sites to get to one or two introductions - highly time consuming and low return on investment.
- The quality of people: We have the best looking, highest earning, and most engaging people. We also have a proven track-record of setting up our members with equally awesome people.
- Last but not least, they all want honest feedback from their potential matches. There's nothing worse than just being left in the dark. Leave it to our matchmakers to find out everything they can for you!

What are some of the benefits of hiring a Matchmaker?
Rather than focusing exclusively on outward traits or characteristics, Gayquation matching ensures that the potential matches we recommend are not only the right height, age, etc., but are also IDEAL matches who have personalities and are at a point in their lives that are compatible with yours – the Gayquotient. You're busy, we're not. So sit back while we do all the physical and emotional-draining work of finding you a date... and maybe even someone special. Here are some more reasons on Why To Hire A Matchmaker?

What are the guarantees of me being matched successfully?
Our short term goals are to open as many quality doors as we can and that communication begins with each match, so as to test a possible connection. We guarantee results every 30 days* and as long as your membership is active. We have an average 82% Success Rate. This is based on finding the number of matches eligible for your membership in a 30 day period that meet at least 80% of the criteria you have set, including 100% of your deal breakers and communication beginning. If we do not qualify the number of matches in your membership level every 30 day cycle, they are rolled over to the subsequent month. Any previous acquaintances or those that have misrepresntred are replaced. Learn more about our Guarantee.

Is your service free?
For potential matches, if our Matchmakers contact you, yes it is free to be matched to our clients. But to be guaranteed matches that are specific to your preferences and membership: We charge a nominal monthly fee depending on your membership. We are proud to be the lowest in the industry! Please visit our Sign Up page for our membership options. They start as low as $199.99/month. This is a month-to-month membership with no contracts or setup fees. Cancel anytime.

Can I use your site without being a member?
Yes, you can fill out a profile, provide your email and contact information to be considered as a potential match for our paid members. Visit our Are You The One page to enter your contact details for further instructions. You will then be entered into our database for consideration for an introduction to our members and contacted directly if a match is available. You can also request a Free consultation to speak with a real Matchmaker at any time. Please note: To be guaranteed matches to your preferences on a monthly basis, you must own a paid Membership.

How do I sign up and become a member?
Click on Sign Up above, select your membership, then get assigned a Matchmaker within 48 hours. Your Matchmaker will communicate directly with you and conduct an interview prior to beginning the process. See our step by step guide here.

Why are your prices so low?
The process of selection was broken down, the client's needs assessed and it became a quotient, unique to the culture and individual, to find and qualify potential matches. As the process got more specific and streamlined and with a growing network of member and non-members we were able to lower cost and pass the savings to you. Over time this resulted in a higher ratio of matches to successful dates. The co-founders are also proud gay men and understand firsthand how challenging it can be to find quality men that are genuinely seeking a long term relationship. They also wanted to make this available to everyone around the world, not just those in the Western world. Even during tough economic times, we all still seek love and companionship. What better way with matchmaking at a very low cost. We also provide a 100% Free Consultation with a real Matchmaker to answer any questions you may have while considering Signing Up to begin the matchmaking process. Keep in mind you are investing in your love life and we always have you as our top priority.

Do you offer annual rates?
Yes, we do offer discounted annual rates. For our annual packages, please click here.

Do I have personal contact with my Matchmaker and how often?
Yes, we get personally acquainted with our clients. Upon sign up, you will be assigned a Matchmaker within 48 hours. You then have direct communication with him via email, phone and/or Skype for any question you have, status updates, or advice you might seek. All Matchmakers must respond to their clients within 24 hours. Matchmakers will be in constant contact with you.

When does my monthly period begin and end? Can I sign up and start in the middle of a month?
Your monthly membership cycle begins and ends on your anniversary date - the day you signed up. Yes, the matchmaking process can start at any point during the month.

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