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What does date coaching entail?
With a unique and situational focus on the gay male experience, our personal coaching will deepen your learning in a totally private, confidential and non-judgmental environment.

Over 60+ minutes of structured discussion with your assigned Matchmaker

In addition to the core issues covered on the Coaching page, the following issues may be addressed if needed:
1) Intimacy, Self-Esteem Issues, and Self-Sabotaging Patterns
2) Coming out, Confusion, Overcoming Inhibitions, Homosexuality and Bisexuality
3) Gay Romance/ Gay Dating, Gay couples issues, Gay parenting
4) Dealing with HIV/AIDS

Please Note: Our approach is both scientific and personal with open-ended understanding as its primary aim. In addition, we delve into certain habits, feelings and thoughts that may hold you back from achieving real life growth and concrete changes/goals.

We will support you on your journey to self-improvement and get you headed in the right direction by focusing on social life success.

With Your Matchmaker You’ll Learn How To:

-Help learn to deal with your sexuality in a positive and healthy way
-Practical advice and tips on Gay dating to advice on sexual and romantic inclinations and proclivities in the GLBT culture
-Achieve confidence and control of your love life to deliver specific desired behavioral outcomes
- Inspire sexual chemistry in the right men
- Develop qualities in yourself that you look for in others
- Become more open and create emotionally rewarding connections
- Attract relationship-ready men
- Overcome approach anxiety and explore ice breakers to natural conversation flow
- Break patterns of negative thinking that are holding you back
- Actualize your potential and build on flirting skills that are unique to your personality and style
- Weed out guys that aren’t right for you
- Discover your true romantic value and make the most of it

Get expert advice and learn how to assess, escalate, transition, master and close the dating cycle.

Ask any dating questions you may have and address any sticking points that may affect your life outside of the dating arena, basically anything that pertains to you. Be honest and open with your feelings. Be prepared for straight talk and factual, non-biased advice. Our highly trained Matchmakers will allow you access to all of our extensive background, knowledge and resources. Gay men... it’s what we know and what we do. :)

Time and Commitment to the process is required. Together, you and your matchmaker will come up with a personal game plan to get you to start meeting the type of people you deserve and attract successful relationships into your life and create meaningful connections.

Who will be my coach?
Upon signing up, you will be assigned a dating coach as a personal mentor. Depending on your location, preferences, personality and other pertinent lifestyle factors affecting your situation, a specific Coach will be assigned. Typically, making it more effective, your lead matchmaker is assigned as your dating coach.

How often can I speak with my coach?
From the beginning, you will designate a time for the discussion and its advised you identify all of your talking points you would like addressed prior to the call. Your matchmaker will schedule bi-weekly (twice a month) sessions and additional ones on an as-needed basis. Along with scheduled phone calls, emails are welcomed and are responded to in a timely manner (usually within 24 hours, even on weekends). Each phone or Skype session with your matchmaker is completely private and confidential.

How do I communicate with my coach?
Contact is made by phone (residents of US/Canada/UK) or Skype (residents of other countries) and email. We do not meet any client in person, no matter the location.

How much is the coaching service?
Our Coaching service is $149.99/month and can be added to your matchmaking membership upon signing up. It can also be added in the future. It is a month-to-month membership. You may stop it at any time.

Can I purchase the coaching membership separately?
Absolutely. Please visit our Add on page and select “Add It” under the Coaching service.

Can I add coaching to my existing matchmaking membership?
Yes, you can. If you are interested in adding this to your existing membership please vist our Add-On page here. Your matchmaker will be notified upon signup.

Or if you are a new member, please visit our Sign Uppage and select the package that includes our Coaching service

How is the coaching membership billed?
All memberships and coaching sessions are billed monthly. They cannot be broke down into weekly increments. You may request a special yearly rate by contacting us directly. For your privacy and discretion, Gayquation Matchmaking service is billed as Gquation. Please Note: This is a monthly service. No contracts and we never charge a fee to cancel or make changes.

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