Complimentary Introductions

Get matched to our clients in your area and placed into our non-member network. 100% complimentary. No obligation. As you know, it's difficult finding good, quality LTR-seeking men out there. So you would be doing us a solid! :)

The only requirements are you must be: 1) a gay male 2) single and 3) relationship-oriented.

Simply, provide us your name, location and email address to receive our online questionnaire. After it's completed, we will contact you shortly in the event of a possible match. If you do not qualify for any of our current clients we will be happy to consider you in the near future with no obligation.

Important: please keep in mind that only Gayquation members are guaranteed matches and assigned a matchmaker.

If you would like to be removed from our database and future consideration, please contact us.

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