Your Relationship Headhunter

Gayquation, along with your personal matchmaker, does the intensive work of locating, screening, qualifying and communicating with prospective matches on your behalf. We know how difficult it can be to find genuine LTR-seeking men, so IF THEY EXIST, WE WILL FIND THEM!

An estimated 4% of the world’s total population say they identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, according to a new report released from the Williams Institute, a think-tank devoted to LGBT research at UCLA. Bisexuals make up slightly less than half that group, 1.8 percent of the total population, and they are substantially more likely to be women than men. So now essentially 2.2% of the world's population play exclusively for "one team" (excuse the Seinfeld reference). Remove the female segment and we are left with a paltry 1.1% of gay males.

But wait... we’re not done. Visited a bar in boy’s town recently? Last checked, there are many a man wearing a shirt that reads “Friend with Benefits”. Something we all know is prevalent in the gay community. We are already working at a disadvantage with a thinner pool than straight men have access to, now throw in the fact that our job is to locate eligible men that not only identify themselves as gay and single but also as a long term relationship seeker. This means the “marketplace” shrinks even more - to approximately 0.5%. Yes, you heard right unfortunately, 1 out of every 200 men that reside in YOUR area would be classified as both 1) gay and 2) LTR-seeking. Daunting journey? Who are we kidding, being a gay man provides more obstacles than merely social stigmas - the math does not lie. This is one of the reasons Gayquation was born.

Systematic Approach With A Human Touch

With the system, methodology and resources we have in place, your matchmaker can efficiently, strategically and systemically TARGET and TOUCH every ounce of that 0.5%. Essentially, his job is to exhaust and saturate your entire area or locale until EVERY gay, relationship-oriented man is touched. Regardless of location - be it rural Texas, the suburbs of Seattle, or a mega-city like London we will FIND and QUALIFY every eligible bachelor in your area... however long that takes. Does location matter? Not one bit. Read here to learn why living in an urban area does not necessarily enhance your chances at long term success.

Your matchmaker will tap into as many as 200 resources and qualify potential matches, based on the criteria and deal breakers you've provided. To make sure all the bases have been covered, your matchmaker will also "Big Brother" LTR-dependent traits in any potential match - maturity, honesty, trust and communication - qualities that are integral to successful long term relationships. And, just as important as physical and personal attraction, TIMING - connecting you with men that are emotionally and physically available and ready to be in a committed, monogamous relationship. Essentially, we want to prevent any obstacles from arising if things were to progress with any of your matches - "rubbing the magic 8-ball" if you will.

We realize our clients give us a tremendous amount of blind faith and trust during this process, something we value, so in return we work diligently to find sincere, like-minded men who are not only interested in connecting with you but ultimately with Mr. Right. And perhaps that Mr. Right will be you!

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